Hacknet (2015)

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Hacknet: A Deep Dive into the World of Hacking

Released in 2015, Hacknet is an immersive, terminal-based hacking simulator that has captured the attention of gamers and cybersecurity enthusiasts alike. With its realistic hacking mechanics, engaging storyline, and thought-provoking themes, Hacknet offers a unique and challenging experience that is both educational and entertaining.


Hacknet is played entirely through a terminal window, simulating the experience of a real-world hacker. Players use a variety of commands to navigate the game’s interconnected network of computers, searching for information, solving puzzles, and completing missions.

The game’s hacking mechanics are surprisingly realistic, and players must use real-world hacking techniques to progress. This includes using commands like “ls” to list files, “cd” to change directories, and “ssh” to connect to remote servers. Players must also be familiar with basic networking concepts, such as IP addresses and ports.


Hacknet’s story follows the protagonist as they investigate the mysterious death of a hacker known as Bit. As the protagonist delves deeper into Bit’s past, they uncover a web of corporate espionage, government secrets, and personal betrayal.

The game’s story is told through a series of text messages, emails, and chat logs. Players must carefully piece together the clues to uncover the truth about Bit’s death and the forces that are at play.


Hacknet explores a number of thought-provoking themes, including the volatile nature of personal privacy, the prevalence of corporate greed, and the hidden powers of hackers on the internet.

The game shows how easily personal information can be compromised by hackers, and how this information can be used for malicious purposes. It also highlights the role that corporations play in collecting and using our data, and the need for greater transparency and accountability.

Finally, Hacknet shows how hackers can use their skills for good, exposing corruption and holding the powerful to account. The game’s protagonist is a skilled hacker who uses their abilities to fight for justice and protect the innocent.

Educational Value

In addition to being a fun and engaging game, Hacknet also has a significant educational value. The game teaches players about basic hacking techniques, networking concepts, and the importance of cybersecurity.

Players who complete Hacknet will have a better understanding of how hackers operate, and how to protect themselves from cyber attacks. The game can also inspire players to pursue careers in cybersecurity or computer science.


Hacknet has been praised by critics and players alike for its realistic gameplay, engaging story, and thought-provoking themes. The game has won numerous awards, including the “Best Indie Game” award at the 2015 Game Developers Choice Awards.

Hacknet has also been credited with inspiring a new generation of hackers and cybersecurity professionals. The game’s realistic hacking mechanics and engaging storyline have helped to make cybersecurity more accessible and appealing to a wider audience.


Hacknet is a unique and engaging game that offers a realistic and thought-provoking exploration of the world of hacking. With its immersive gameplay, engaging story, and educational value, Hacknet is a must-play for anyone interested in hacking, cybersecurity, or just a good mystery.

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