Hawken (2012)

by Christopher
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Explosive FPS gameplay in customizable mechs, set in a dystopian future, combining tactical combat with fast-paced action.


‘Hawken’ is a multiplayer first-person shooter game that immerses players in the cockpit of a mechanized war machine.


The game is set in a dystopian human-colonized planet that has been industrialized to the point of collapse. The hunt for resources has become a battle for survival, with the player assuming the role of a pilot within a biped battle mech. These machines are armed with a variety of ballistic cannons and missile weaponry.

The game features five game modes: Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Co-op Bot Team Deathmatch, Siege, and Missile Assault. It follows the freemium model of game monetization, with in-game purchases as the main source of revenue.

“Hawken” had closed alpha and beta programs that took place before the official PC open beta release. The game had been constantly updated with new content and balance changes in the form of a game patch until Spring 2014.

Following Reloaded Games’ acquisition of the game’s IP and assets in March 2015, the developers launched the game on the console platforms in early July 2016. On October 2, 2017, the developers announced via the game’s Facebook page that on January 2, 2018, the PC servers would be permanently shut down, along with the PC platform and any DLC/purchasable content. The developers cited a need to “refocus our development efforts”.

The game is still active on consoles, being developed by Hawken Entertainment and published by 505 Games. In 2020, a group of fans called “Hawakening” revived the game in offline mode for PC, promising to recover its multiplayer functions. On May 17, 2023, a sequel titled “Hawken Reborn” by 505 Games entered into Steam Early Access.

In “Hawken”, players can choose alternate weapons, equipment, and upgrades for all mech types to match a playstyle or to fill a specific role for a team. In combat, the player can side dash, boost, and make 180-degree turns to compensate for the slow movement of the mech, which in turn will deplete the recharging fuel gauge.

“Hawken” consists of ten playable maps: Bazaar, Bunker, Facility, Front Line, Highways, Last Eco, Origin, Prosk, Uptown, and Wreckage. The game’s charm lies not only in its engaging gameplay and compelling narrative but also in its presentation. The dystopian environment, coupled with the thrill of piloting a battle mech, enhances the overall gaming experience.


Players customize and upgrade their mechs, which serve as the ‘characters’ in the game.


Features customizable and upgradable mechs, strategic positioning, and skillful shooting.


‘Hawken’ remains a memorable experience for fans of mech-based shooters, offering explosive action and immersive gameplay.

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