Hitman: Blood Money (2006)

by Christopher
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Hitman: Blood Money stands as a pivotal entry in the Hitman series, praised for its engaging gameplay, narrative depth, and the introduction of mechanics that challenge players to think critically about their approach to each contract.


In Hitman: Blood Money, players take on the role of Agent 47, navigating through various levels to complete contracts on high-profile targets. The game emphasizes stealth, planning, and execution, offering a rich narrative and intricate level design.


The game’s plot revolves around the life of professional hitman, Agent 47, as narrated in cutscenes by a former director of the FBI to a journalist who is interviewing him at his home. The story follows Agent 47’s efforts to bring down the Franchise, a rival contract killing organization that is threatening his employers, the International Contract Agency (ICA), and seeking to obtain the same cloning technology that created 47.

The game begins with Agent 47 being captured and injected with an unknown substance. In an attempt to discover the cure, Agent 47 follows both Viktor Radek and Elexis Sinclaire to destroy one of the U4 labs and recover the antidote for the mutagen.

A larger, more powerful agency is systematically eliminating assassins in a series of hits, who are all from Agent 47’s contract killing firm, The International Contract Agency (ICA). The player guides Agent 47 through the game’s levels from a third-person perspective. A map showing each topographical area and the location of targets and characters assists the player. To complete his mission, Agent 47 uses multiple methods to eliminate targets, regardless of witnesses or violence to bystanders.

New features introduced in Blood Money included the ability to climb over obstacles, improved unarmed combat, the use of non-player characters (NPC) as shields, the ability to dispose of bodies, improved character animations, a new game engine, and the ability to upgrade weapons and equipment.

Blood Money was a critical and commercial success, selling more than 2.1 million copies. It has gained a cult following and is considered by many publications and critics as one of the greatest video games ever made. High-definition ports of Blood Money and two of its predecessors, Hitman 2: Silent Assassin and Contracts, were released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in January 2013 as the Hitman HD Trilogy. A sequel, Hitman: Absolution, was released in 2012, and 4K remastered ports of both Blood Money and Absolution were released by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment in 2019 on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as part of the Hitman HD Enhanced Collection.


The central character is Agent 47, a genetically enhanced assassin. Supporting characters include Diana Burnwood, Agent 47’s handler, and various targets that add depth and intrigue to the story.


Hitman: Blood Money innovates with its notoriety system, affecting how NPCs react to Agent 47 based on his previous actions. The game also allows for a variety of mission approaches, rewarding creativity and strategy in completing contracts.


Hitman: Blood Money is celebrated as a high point in the Hitman series, offering players a complex and rewarding stealth experience. Its unique blend of strategy, narrative, and gameplay innovation continues to influence the stealth genre.

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