Infamous 2 (2011)

by Christopher
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Infamous 2 is a pivotal chapter in Cole MacGrath’s story, offering players a rich narrative, dynamic gameplay, and the power to shape their destiny in the fight against the Beast.


Infamous 2, developed by Sucker Punch Productions and released in 2011, continues the electrifying saga of Cole MacGrath. As a direct sequel to the original Infamous, this action-adventure game takes players on a supercharged journey through the vibrant and chaotic city of New Marais.


The game begins with Cole MacGrath, the protagonist, seeking to enhance his powers to confront the Beast, a cataclysmic entity. Cole’s quest leads him to New Marais, a city inspired by New Orleans, teeming with danger, intrigue, and opportunities for heroism or infamy.


Cole MacGrath: The electrifying protagonist, grappling with his destiny.
Zeke Dunbar: Cole’s loyal yet flawed best friend.
Nix and Kuo: Two new conduits who offer different paths and powers for Cole.
The Beast: The mysterious and destructive force Cole is destined to confront.


Infamous 2 introduces refined mechanics, including a more versatile combat system, the ability to navigate the city with newfound agility, and the choice between good and evil actions affecting the game’s outcome.


Infamous 2 stands as a testament to Sucker Punch’s ability to blend action, storytelling, and player choice into a cohesive and thrilling experience.

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