Infamous (2009)

by Christopher
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Infamous combines electrifying superpowers with a rich narrative and open-world exploration, offering players a compelling experience of heroism and villainy.


Explore the electrifying world of Infamous, a game that blends action, adventure, and moral choices into a unique open-world experience.


After a catastrophic explosion in Empire City, Cole MacGrath discovers he has developed powerful electrical abilities. As Cole, players navigate a city in chaos, making choices that will either save the populace or lead them to ruin.


Cole MacGrath, the protagonist with electrical superpowers; Zeke Dunbar, Cole’s best friend; Kessler, the mysterious antagonist; Trish Dailey, Cole’s girlfriend and a dedicated nurse.


Players control Cole, using his electrical powers for combat, navigation, and interaction with the environment. The game features a karma system that affects the narrative and Cole’s abilities based on players’ choices.


Infamous stands as a testament to the potential of video games to offer complex narratives, engaging gameplay, and moral dilemmas. It remains a beloved title for its unique take on the superhero genre.

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