Infestation: Survivor Stories (2012)

by Ji-yeong
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Infestation: Survivor Stories (2012) Review

Infestation: Survivor Stories is a zombie survival horror MMO developed by Hamumu Software and published by OP Productions. It was released on Microsoft Windows in 2012. The game is set five years after a horrendous viral outbreak of apocalyptic proportions that destroyed 95% of the world’s population. Players must survive against all odds by scavenging for supplies, defending themselves against zombies and other survivors, and banding together with others.


Infestation: Survivor Stories is a first-person shooter with a strong focus on survival. Players must scavenge for food, water, and weapons in order to survive. They must also build and defend shelters from the hordes of zombies that roam the world.

The game features a variety of weapons, including guns, melee weapons, and explosives. Players can also use vehicles to travel around the world and transport supplies.

Infestation: Survivor Stories is a very challenging game. Players must be constantly aware of their surroundings and be prepared to fight for their lives. The game is also very unforgiving, and players can easily die if they are not careful.


Infestation: Survivor Stories is set in a post-apocalyptic world that has been ravaged by a zombie virus. The virus has turned most of the world’s population into mindless zombies, and the few survivors are left to fend for themselves.

The game’s world is a vast and hostile place. Players must travel across a variety of environments, including cities, forests, and deserts. Each environment presents its own unique challenges, and players must be prepared to adapt to survive.


The player characters in Infestation: Survivor Stories are all survivors of the zombie apocalypse. They come from all walks of life, and each has their own unique story to tell.

Players can choose to play as one of several different characters, each with their own unique skills and abilities. Some characters are better at combat, while others are better at scavenging or healing.


Infestation: Survivor Stories is a multiplayer game that allows players to team up with others to survive the zombie apocalypse. Players can form clans and build bases together. They can also trade items and resources with each other.

The multiplayer mode in Infestation: Survivor Stories is a great way to experience the game with friends. It is also a great way to learn from other players and improve your survival skills.


Infestation: Survivor Stories received mixed reviews upon release. Some critics praised the game’s challenging gameplay and tense atmosphere, while others criticized its repetitive missions and lack of polish.

Despite the mixed reviews, Infestation: Survivor Stories has a loyal following of fans. The game is still being updated and supported by the developers, and it continues to be a popular choice for fans of zombie survival games.


Infestation: Survivor Stories is a challenging and unforgiving zombie survival game. It is not for the faint of heart, but it is a rewarding experience for those who are willing to put in the time and effort. If you are a fan of zombie survival games, then Infestation: Survivor Stories is definitely worth checking out.



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