International Superstar Soccer ’98 (1998)

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International Superstar Soccer ’98: The Ultimate Soccer Simulation

Released in 1998, International Superstar Soccer ’98 (ISS ’98) is a groundbreaking soccer video game that set new standards for realism, gameplay, and excitement. Developed by Konami, ISS ’98 captured the essence of the beautiful game like never before, offering an immersive and authentic soccer experience that thrilled fans worldwide.

Motion Capture Revolution

One of the most significant innovations in ISS ’98 was its use of motion capture technology. Konami went to great lengths to record the movements of real-life soccer players, resulting in over 17,000 new motion-captured animations. This unprecedented level of detail brought unparalleled realism to the game, with players moving and interacting with the ball in a fluid and lifelike manner.

Team Dynamics and AI

ISS ’98 also introduced a sophisticated team motivation system. Players and teams would react to real-time game situations, such as scoring goals, conceding penalties, or making crucial saves. This added an extra layer of strategy and unpredictability to the gameplay, as managers needed to carefully manage their team’s morale and motivation throughout the match.

Enhanced Camera Angle

Another notable feature of ISS ’98 was its vertical camera angle. This innovative perspective allowed players to see more of the pitch, giving them a better sense of space and control over the action. The camera angle could also be adjusted dynamically, depending on the situation, providing players with the best possible view of the game.

Extensive Customization Options

ISS ’98 offered a wide range of customization options, allowing players to tailor the game to their preferences. Players could create their own custom teams and players, complete with unique names, appearances, and abilities. Additionally, there were infinite team formations and customizable strategies to choose from, giving players the freedom to experiment and find the perfect combination for their playstyle.

Authentic Stadiums and Teams

ISS ’98 featured 52 international teams and 9 unique soccer stadiums, each meticulously recreated with stunning detail. From the iconic Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro to the legendary Wembley Stadium in London, players could experience the atmosphere and excitement of playing in the world’s most famous football arenas.

Gameplay Features

ISS ’98’s gameplay was fast-paced, exciting, and incredibly addictive. The game featured a variety of passing options, including through balls, crosses, and chipped passes. Players could also perform a range of skill moves, such as dribbling, feints, and bicycle kicks, adding an extra layer of flair and creativity to the gameplay.

Multiplayer and Tournament Modes

ISS ’98 offered a variety of multiplayer and tournament modes, allowing players to compete against friends or the AI. The game supported up to four players in local multiplayer, and there were also several cup competitions to participate in, including the World Cup, European Championship, and Copa Libertadores.

Legacy and Impact

International Superstar Soccer ’98 was a critical and commercial success, selling over 10 million copies worldwide. It was praised for its stunning graphics, innovative gameplay, and immersive atmosphere. ISS ’98 is widely regarded as one of the greatest soccer video games of all time, and it continues to be enjoyed by fans today.


International Superstar Soccer ’98 is a timeless classic that set new standards for soccer video games. With its groundbreaking motion capture technology, sophisticated team dynamics, enhanced camera angle, extensive customization options, authentic stadiums and teams, and addictive gameplay, ISS ’98 delivered an unparalleled soccer experience that captivated fans worldwide. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the beautiful game, ISS ’98 is a must-play for any soccer enthusiast.

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