Jack the Ripper (1987)

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Jack the Ripper: A Journey into Victorian Darkness

Step back in time to the fog-shrouded streets of Victorian London, where a sinister mystery awaits in the shadowy corners. Jack the Ripper (1987) is a classic hidden object game that transports players to the heart of one of history’s most infamous unsolved crimes.

A Hidden Object Masterpiece

Jack the Ripper was released in 1987 and quickly gained recognition as one of the pioneers of the hidden object genre. Players take on the role of a private detective tasked with investigating the gruesome murders attributed to the enigmatic Jack the Ripper.

The game presents a series of haunting scenes inspired by the real-life locations associated with the Ripper’s reign of terror. From the dimly lit alleyways of Whitechapel to the opulent interiors of Scotland Yard, each scene is meticulously crafted to immerse players in the game’s eerie atmosphere.

Unraveling the Ripper’s Secrets

As players explore these haunting environments, they must search for hidden objects that hold clues to the Ripper’s identity and motives. The objects are cleverly concealed within the scenes, requiring a keen eye and a methodical approach to uncover them.

The game’s hidden objects are not merely decorative; they play a vital role in advancing the investigation. Players must carefully examine each object, as even the smallest detail can hold a significant clue. By piecing together these fragments of evidence, players gradually unravel the Ripper’s twisted psyche and the secrets surrounding his heinous crimes.

A Chilling Historical Context

Jack the Ripper (1987) is not just a hidden object game; it is also a historical experience that delves into the dark underbelly of Victorian society. The game accurately recreates the social and economic conditions that prevailed in London’s East End during the late 19th century, providing players with a glimpse into the poverty, crime, and desperation that characterized the era.

The game’s characters are based on real-life figures involved in the Ripper investigation, including the renowned detective Frederick Abberline and the enigmatic psychic Robert Lees. Through interactions with these characters, players gain insights into the challenges and frustrations faced by those who sought to apprehend the elusive killer.

A Haunting Legacy

Jack the Ripper (1987) remains a beloved classic in the hidden object genre, praised for its immersive atmosphere, challenging gameplay, and historical authenticity. The game has captivated generations of players, introducing them to the enduring mystery of Jack the Ripper and the shadowy world he inhabited.

Over the years, Jack the Ripper (1987) has been ported to various platforms, ensuring that its legacy continues to reach new audiences. The game’s impact can also be seen in countless other hidden object games that have followed in its footsteps, borrowing its core gameplay mechanics and atmospheric storytelling.


Jack the Ripper (1987) is more than just a game; it is an interactive journey into one of history’s most infamous unsolved mysteries. With its haunting atmosphere, challenging puzzles, and rich historical context, the game offers a captivating and immersive experience that will stay with players long after they have solved the final puzzle.

So step into the fog-shrouded streets of Victorian London and embark on a quest to uncover the secrets of Jack the Ripper. Let the hidden objects guide you through the darkness, and experience the chilling legacy of one of history’s most notorious criminals.

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