Jazz Jackrabbit (1994)

by Christopher
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A pioneering platformer, ‘Jazz Jackrabbit’ combines fast action, engaging gameplay, and a quirky story in a memorable adventure that has earned its place as a cult classic.


Rediscover the excitement of ‘Jazz Jackrabbit’, a classic that redefined action platformers with its engaging gameplay and distinct style.


In ‘Jazz Jackrabbit’, players navigate through diverse levels to thwart Devan Shell’s sinister plans, using an arsenal of weapons and encountering a range of enemies and bosses.


The game stars Jazz Jackrabbit, a green bunny with attitude, against Devan Shell, alongside other memorable characters and bosses, each adding flavor to Jazz’s epic quest.


Noted for its fast-paced action, the game combines shooting and platforming mechanics, offering a variety of levels, from planets to industrial zones, each with unique challenges.

Reception and Critiscism

While praised for its innovation and entertainment value, ‘Jazz Jackrabbit’ faced criticism for level repetitiveness and comparisons to console contemporaries. Despite this, it remains a beloved title, with its humor, detailed graphics, and soundtrack receiving particular acclaim.


‘Jazz Jackrabbit’ stands as a testament to the creativity and ambition of early PC gaming, offering a blend of humor, action, and adventure that continues to resonate with fans.

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