Jinks (1987)

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Jinks (1987): A Retro Sci-Fi Adventure


Jinks is a 1987 action-adventure game developed and published by Broderbund Software for the Commodore 64, Apple II, and MS-DOS. The game puts players in the role of a Star Fleet pilot on a mission to explore the mysterious planet Jinks.


Jinks is a side-scrolling platformer with puzzle-solving elements. The player controls the Star Fleet pilot as he explores the planet’s surface, collecting items, avoiding traps, and solving puzzles. The game is divided into five levels, each with its own unique challenges.

The player’s ship is equipped with a variety of weapons and gadgets that can be used to overcome obstacles and defeat enemies. The player can also collect power-ups that give the ship new abilities, such as the ability to fly or shoot lasers.


Jinks is set on a lush, resource-rich planet that is curiously uninhabited. The player soon discovers that the planet is home to a race of intelligent aliens who have set up a series of deadly traps to protect their world from intruders.

The aliens are highly advanced and have created a variety of traps and puzzles that the player must overcome in order to progress through the game. These traps include laser beams, force fields, and even miniature black holes.


The player character is a Star Fleet pilot who is sent on a mission to explore the planet Jinks. The planet is believed to be uninhabited, but the player soon discovers that this is not the case. The planet is home to a race of intelligent aliens who have set up a series of deadly traps to protect their world from intruders.

The player must use all of their skills and resources to overcome the aliens’ traps and reach the center of the planet. Once there, the player will discover the aliens’ true intentions and the fate of the planet Jinks.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics in Jinks are colorful and detailed. The game’s world is full of lush landscapes, alien creatures, and dangerous traps. The sound effects are also well done and help to create a sense of atmosphere and suspense.


Jinks was a critical and commercial success upon its release. The game was praised for its challenging gameplay, unique setting, and memorable characters. Jinks has been cited as one of the best Commodore 64 games of all time.


Jinks has had a lasting impact on the video game industry. The game’s unique setting and challenging gameplay have inspired many other games, including the Metroid series and the Oddworld series. Jinks is also considered to be one of the first games to feature a strong female protagonist.


Jinks is a classic action-adventure game that still holds up today. The game’s challenging gameplay, unique setting, and memorable characters make it a must-play for fans of retro gaming.

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