Kingdom Hearts II (2005)

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Kingdom Hearts II is a beloved action role-playing game that takes players on an epic journey through Disney-inspired worlds, featuring a compelling story, dynamic combat, and a cast of iconic characters.


Kingdom Hearts II is an action role-playing game that continues the magical journey of Sora and his friends in a universe that blends the worlds of Disney and Square Enix.


Kingdom Hearts II, released in 2005, is an action role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix in collaboration with Buena Vista Games. The game is a sequel to Kingdom Hearts and combines characters and settings from Disney films with those of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series.

The game takes place one year after the events of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. Sora, the protagonist of the first two games, returns to search for his lost friends while battling the sinister Organization XIII, a group of antagonists previously introduced in Chain of Memories.

The journey begins when Sora, along with his companions Donald Duck and Goofy, awaken in Twilight Town. Bent on his quest to find Riku and King Mickey Mouse, the three set off on another adventure. However, they soon discover that while they have been asleep, the Heartless are back. Not only that, but Sora, Donald, and Goofy must face new enemies: The Nobodies and Organization XIII. They set off on a quest to rid the world of the Heartless once more, uncovering the many secrets that linger about Ansem and Organization XIII.

The gameplay of Kingdom Hearts II is similar to the action RPG and hack and slash gameplay of the first Kingdom Hearts game. Developers made an effort to address some of the complaints of no map and camera bugs with the previous game.

Sora, Donald & Goofy wake up one year later after Chain of Memories (three after the first instalment) in another world called Twilight Town where he gets a mission from Yen-sid to wipe out the heartless. Yen-sid also informs them about new foes to beware of, such as Nobodies and the evil Organization XIII. Sora quickly moves back to Hollow Bastion knowing that the evil Malifient is still alive and has Pete doing her dirty work, including to bug Sora every now and then.

When at Hollow Bastion Sora goes and sees if he can find more information from his old friends Leon, Yuffie, Aerith, Cid and Merlin. Cloud has also joined in to help fight the darkness with a mission of his own on finding his heartless Sephiroth. Sora also decides while trying to take these foes down he needs to find Riku and King Mickey. All of the worlds have been restored thanks to Sora, Donald & Goofy, they now use the power of the keyblade to unlock paths to new worlds.

The first world they visit to is the Land of Dragons, Where they find their old summoning friend Mushu and accompaning Mushu was a man named Ping. But Goofy soon figures out that Ping was acctually a woman named Mulan who was entering the Chinese army to honor and protect her father. Sora, Donald & Goofy promised to keep Mulan’s secret from the other soldiers. Every time Sora runs into a member they refer to him as Roxas. Sora has no idea that Roxas is closer than he thinks.

At the army camp Sora trains along with Mulan under orders of Captain Shang, who Mulan began to fall for. But while traing Sora and his freinds met an unlikely enemy named Shan-Yu who wanted to bring harm onto the Emporer of China and the Imperial City so he can rule it himself. Mulan is caught in her lie by Shang, who turns her away. But that doesn’t stop her from protecting China. Sora helps along stoping Shan-Yu and saving China.


Key characters include Sora, the main protagonist; Donald Duck and Goofy, his loyal companions; Riku and Kairi, his childhood friends; and members of Organization XIII, the primary antagonists. The game also features a plethora of Disney characters from movies like The Lion King, Aladdin, and Pirates of the Caribbean.


The gameplay of Kingdom Hearts II is a blend of action and role-playing elements. Players engage in real-time combat, use magic spells, and summon Disney characters for assistance. The game also includes mini-games and side quests that add depth to the overall experience.


Kingdom Hearts II stands as a landmark title in the action RPG genre, offering a memorable adventure that brilliantly fuses the enchanting worlds of Disney with the intricate storytelling of Square Enix.

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