Kururin Squash! (2004)

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Kururin Squash! continues the legacy of its predecessors with its unique gameplay and transition to 3D graphics, marking an important evolution in the series. Its challenging puzzles and engaging mechanics make it a must-play for fans of action-puzzle games.


Kururin Squash! is a beloved action-puzzle game that follows the adventures of a helicopter-like ship navigating through intricate mazes. The game’s transition to 3D graphics offered players a fresh perspective on the series’ distinctive puzzle-solving mechanics.


The game’s plot revolves around the Kururin family who won the grand prize at a local lottery, which sent them on a cruise around the four countries of the world. The entire family enjoyed the trip, but upon returning home, they suddenly realized that they had returned with only three members of the family; Kururin, Kakarin, and Totorin. All of Kururin’s siblings had disappeared during the trip.

In the game, you control Kururin who is off to save all of his siblings after they went missing on a family trip across the four countries of the in-game world. Kururin sets off to the four countries on the special helicopter “Helirin” in search of the others.

The gameplay involves controlling Kururin inside of a long rectangular ship that is constantly spinning. The ship, called a Helirin, travels through maze-like buildings. If any part of the ship hits a wall three times, he’ll have to start over. Your goal is to maneuver the ship in a way so that it doesn’t hit any walls. Because it is constantly spinning, this will prove to be a challenge, though you can use this to your advantage as well when you are required to get through tight spaces that can only be entered when your ship is facing in a certain direction. There are three different speeds of the Helirin, and thankfully you can alter the speed to your liking.

The game is cute, colorful, quirky, and stylized. It’s a testament to the creativity and innovation of early 2000s video game design. Its blend of puzzle-solving, engaging plot, and unique gameplay mechanics have ensured its place in the annals of video game history. Whether you’re a fan of puzzle games or just interested in video game history, “Kururin Squash!” is a game worth exploring.


The game focuses on the player’s ability to navigate the Helirin, a unique vehicle, through increasingly difficult levels. While it doesn’t feature characters in a traditional sense, the Helirin’s customization options allow players to personalize their experience.


Kururin Squash! enhances its puzzle-solving gameplay with 3D graphics, offering new challenges and obstacles. Players must carefully maneuver the Helirin, avoiding collisions while collecting items and reaching the goal in the shortest time possible.


Kururin Squash! remains a hidden gem within the Nintendo library, offering a blend of action and puzzle elements that appeal to players looking for a distinctive challenge. Its innovative use of 3D graphics in the Kururin series sets it apart as a memorable and enjoyable experience.

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