Logistics Company (2014)

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Logistics Company: The Ultimate Cargo Simulation

Prepare to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of logistics with Logistics Company, a captivating simulation game released in 2014. Step into the shoes of a dock worker and take on the challenging yet rewarding task of managing a bustling cargo terminal. Your mission: ensure that thousands of tons of cargo and goods are shipped on time, building your humble warehouse into a major logistics hub.

From Humble Beginnings to a Thriving Logistics Empire

As you embark on your logistics journey in Logistics Company, you’ll start with a modest warehouse and a limited fleet of vehicles. But don’t let that fool you! With hard work, clever planning, and a keen eye for efficiency, you can transform your small-scale operation into a thriving logistics empire.

As your business expands, you’ll have the opportunity to acquire new cargo terminals, each with its own unique challenges and opportunities. You’ll need to carefully consider the layout of your terminals, ensuring that goods can flow smoothly from one area to another. You’ll also need to invest in new equipment, such as powerful reach stackers and towering cranes, to handle the ever-increasing volume of cargo.

Mastering the Art of Cargo Handling

At the heart of Logistics Company lies the intricate art of cargo handling. You’ll need to master the operation of various vehicles and equipment to load and unload cargo efficiently. Take control of the high-powered reach stacker to stack containers with precision. Maneuver the forklift through your warehouse with agility, ensuring that goods are stored and retrieved quickly. And when it’s time to ship cargo, operate the towering cranes to load freight onto trains, trucks, and ships.

Time Management and Strategic Planning

Time is of the essence in Logistics Company. You’ll need to carefully plan your operations to ensure that cargo is shipped on time. Keep an eye on the clock and prioritize tasks based on their urgency. Make use of the pause feature to strategize and optimize your workflow. With each successful shipment, you’ll earn valuable experience and reputation, paving the way for even greater challenges and rewards.

A Realistic and Immersive Simulation

Logistics Company prides itself on its realistic and immersive simulation. The game features detailed 3D graphics that bring the bustling world of cargo handling to life. You’ll witness the intricate movements of reach stackers, the towering heights of cranes, and the constant flow of goods through your terminals. The sound design is equally impressive, with the roar of engines, the clanging of metal, and the chatter of workers creating a truly immersive experience.

Key Features of Logistics Company

  • Build and manage your own logistics empire, starting from a humble warehouse.
  • Acquire new cargo terminals, each with its own unique challenges and opportunities.
  • Control a variety of vehicles and equipment, including reach stackers, forklifts, and cranes.
  • Master the art of cargo handling and ensure that goods are shipped on time.
  • Plan your operations carefully and prioritize tasks based on urgency.
  • Experience realistic and immersive simulation with detailed 3D graphics and immersive sound design.


Logistics Company is a must-play for anyone fascinated by the world of logistics and cargo handling. With its engaging gameplay, realistic simulation, and endless replayability, it offers a truly immersive and rewarding experience. Whether you’re a seasoned logistics enthusiast or new to the genre, Logistics Company has something to offer everyone. So, prepare to roll up your sleeves, start your engines, and embark on the ultimate cargo simulation adventure!

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