Long Live the Queen (2012)

by Ji-yeong
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Long Live the Queen (2012): A Comprehensive Review


Long Live the Queen is a visual novel/strategy/political simulation/role-playing game developed by Hanako Games and released in 2012. The game puts you in the role of Elodie, a 14-year-old princess who has just inherited the throne following the untimely death of her mother. You must navigate the treacherous waters of court intrigue and politics to secure your power and rule your kingdom wisely.


Long Live the Queen is played from a first-person perspective, and the gameplay is divided into two main parts:

  • Visual novel sections: These sections tell the story of Elodie’s reign, and you will make choices that will affect the course of the story. These choices will have a significant impact on your relationships with other characters, your kingdom’s stability, and your own personal growth.
  • Strategy/political simulation sections: These sections allow you to manage your kingdom’s affairs, including diplomacy, trade, and military strategy. You will need to make wise decisions in order to keep your kingdom prosperous and secure.


Long Live the Queen is set in a fictional kingdom in the 18th century. The kingdom is a patriarchal society, and women are not allowed to rule. However, Elodie’s mother was a strong and capable ruler, and she defied tradition by naming Elodie as her heir.


Elodie is a complex and well-developed character. She is intelligent, ambitious, and determined to be a good queen. However, she is also young and inexperienced, and she will make mistakes along the way.

The other characters in the game are equally well-developed. Each character has their own unique motivations and goals, and they will all play a role in shaping Elodie’s reign.


The story of Long Live the Queen is engaging and suspenseful. You will be on the edge of your seat as you follow Elodie’s journey from a young princess to a wise and powerful queen.

The game’s story is non-linear, and your choices will have a significant impact on the outcome. There are multiple endings to the game, and you will need to play through the game multiple times to experience all of them.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics in Long Live the Queen are beautiful and evocative. The character portraits are especially well-done, and they really bring the characters to life.

The sound in the game is also top-notch. The music is atmospheric and immersive, and the voice acting is excellent.


Long Live the Queen is a fantastic game that I highly recommend. It is a well-written and engaging story with complex and well-developed characters. The gameplay is challenging and rewarding, and the graphics and sound are top-notch.

If you are a fan of visual novels, strategy games, political simulations, or role-playing games, then you should definitely check out Long Live the Queen.

Score: 9/10


  • Engaging and suspenseful story
  • Complex and well-developed characters
  • Challenging and rewarding gameplay
  • Beautiful graphics and sound


  • The game can be difficult at times
  • The non-linear story can be confusing at times

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