Luxor (2005)

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Luxor: A Match-Three Adventure Through Ancient Egypt

Journey back to the golden age of ancient Egypt in Luxor, a captivating action-puzzler that combines the thrill of match-three gameplay with the allure of ancient Egyptian mythology. Embark on an epic expedition through the sands of time, matching gems and solving puzzles as you explore the path of the Nile.

A Unique Twist on Match-Three

Luxor takes the classic match-three formula and infuses it with a unique blend of action and strategy. Instead of a static grid, you’re presented with a constantly moving stream of colored spheres that you must match and eliminate before they reach the end of the path.

To match spheres, simply click on a group of three or more of the same color. The spheres will then disappear, and any spheres above them will fall down to fill the gaps. However, the spheres keep moving forward, so you must think quickly and plan your moves accordingly.

Explore the Path of the Nile

Your journey in Luxor takes you through a variety of stunning locations, each inspired by the real-world landmarks of ancient Egypt. From the bustling streets of Thebes to the tranquil waters of the Nile, each level offers a unique visual experience.

As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter a cast of colorful characters, including the wise old Pharaoh and the mischievous goddess Bastet. These characters will provide you with guidance and assistance as you navigate the treacherous path ahead.

Power-Ups and Special Abilities

To aid you in your quest, Luxor offers a variety of power-ups and special abilities. These can be activated by matching certain combinations of spheres or by collecting special items that appear on the path.

Some of the power-ups available include:

  • Scarab Bombs: Explode a group of spheres, clearing a path.
  • Lightning Bolts: Strike a column of spheres, turning them all into the same color.
  • Anubis Balls: Freeze a group of spheres, giving you more time to plan your moves.

In addition to power-ups, each level also features a unique special ability that can be activated by matching a certain number of spheres of the same color. These abilities range from slowing down the movement of the spheres to summoning a giant scarab beetle that clears the path.

Challenge Modes and Endless Play

Once you’ve mastered the basics, Luxor offers a variety of challenge modes to put your skills to the test. These modes include:

  • Time Attack: Race against the clock to clear as many levels as possible.
  • Survival: See how long you can survive against an endless stream of spheres.
  • Puzzle Mode: Solve challenging puzzles with a limited number of moves.

For those who can’t get enough of Luxor, the game also features an endless play mode. In this mode, you can play through a randomly generated series of levels with increasing difficulty.

Critical Reception and Legacy

Upon its release in 2005, Luxor received widespread critical acclaim for its innovative gameplay, stunning visuals, and engaging storyline. The game was praised for its unique take on the match-three genre, its challenging but rewarding difficulty, and its immersive ancient Egyptian setting.

Luxor has since become a beloved classic in the puzzle genre, with multiple sequels and spin-offs being released over the years. The game’s popularity is a testament to its timeless gameplay and enduring appeal.


Luxor is a true gem of the match-three genre, offering a unique and thrilling experience that will keep you entertained for hours on end. With its stunning visuals, engaging storyline, and challenging gameplay, Luxor is a must-play for fans of puzzle games and ancient Egyptian history alike.

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