Mass Effect 2: Arrival (2011)

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Mass Effect 2: Arrival – A Deep Dive into the Reaper Invasion


Mass Effect 2: Arrival is a downloadable content pack for the critically acclaimed video game Mass Effect 2. Released in 2011, Arrival expands the game’s storyline with new missions, characters, and challenges. The DLC follows Commander Shepard’s investigation into a missing deep cover agent and the discovery of an imminent Reaper invasion.


Arrival introduces a new mission arc that takes Shepard to the edge of the galaxy, to the Batarian system of Bahak. Shepard must rescue the missing agent, uncover evidence of the Reaper invasion, and make difficult choices that will impact the future of the galaxy.

The DLC features new gameplay elements, including:

  • New Environments: Explore the derelict Batarian spaceship, the Overlord, and the Reaper-infested planet of Bahak.
  • New Enemies: Face new Reaper forces, including the deadly Harbinger, a Reaper capital ship.
  • New Weapons and Abilities: Equip Shepard with new weapons and abilities to combat the Reaper threat.


Arrival’s story is a gripping tale of sacrifice, betrayal, and the indomitable spirit of the galaxy’s races in the face of annihilation. Key characters include:

  • Commander Shepard: The protagonist of the Mass Effect trilogy, Shepard must lead the charge against the Reaper invasion.
  • Admiral Hackett: The Alliance Fleet Admiral who tasks Shepard with investigating the missing agent.
  • Dr. Amanda Kenson: A brilliant scientist who has uncovered evidence of the Reaper invasion.
  • Kai Leng: A ruthless Cerberus operative who becomes Shepard’s nemesis.

Impact on Mass Effect 3

Arrival has a significant impact on the events of Mass Effect 3. The choices Shepard makes in the DLC will affect the state of the galaxy and the resources available to Shepard in the final battle against the Reapers.

Critical Reception

Mass Effect 2: Arrival received critical acclaim upon release. Reviewers praised the DLC’s engaging story, challenging gameplay, and stunning visuals. The DLC won several awards, including “Best DLC” from IGN and “Best Downloadable Content” from GameSpot.


Arrival is considered one of the best DLC packs ever released for a video game. It expanded the Mass Effect 2 storyline in meaningful ways, introduced memorable characters, and set the stage for the epic conclusion of the trilogy in Mass Effect 3.


Mass Effect 2: Arrival is an essential addition to the Mass Effect experience. Its gripping story, challenging gameplay, and stunning visuals make it a must-play for fans of the series. The DLC’s impact on Mass Effect 3 further cements its place as one of the most significant and beloved pieces of downloadable content in gaming history.

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