Medal of Honor: European Assault (2005)

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Medal of Honor: European Assault is a standout title in the WWII action genre, offering players a deep dive into historical events through the eyes of Lt. William Holt. With its mix of combat, strategy, and storytelling, the game provides an unforgettable journey across Europe’s battlegrounds.


Dive into the heart of World War II with Medal of Honor: European Assault. As Lt. William Holt of the OSS, players will journey across Europe to engage the enemy, uncover vital intelligence, and change the course of history.


“Medal of Honor: European Assault” is a first-person shooter video game, the eighth installment in the Medal of Honor series. The game was released for GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox on June 7, 2005. The game’s story was written by John Milius.

The plot is based on Lieutenant William Holt, an operative in the Office of Strategic Services. Holt is hand-picked by William “Wild Bill” Donovan to be the first field agent of the newly formed Office of Strategic Services — the OSS. His classified missions take place in WWII Europe and are of critical importance to the Allies.

Holt is deployed to allied forces in France, North Africa, the Soviet Union, and Belgium. There are four overall areas the player (as Lt. William Holt) is sent to: France, North Africa, the Soviet Union, and Belgium. Each area has a set of missions for the player to complete. While some objectives will be detailed from the start, exploration of the area will cause Holt to discover more missions.

Each mission consists of five elements: a primary objective, secondary objectives, killing a German officer (Nemesis battle in the game), obtaining documents from the officer, and escaping. If all are completed, a gold medallion will be given. Missing one or two will gain a silver or bronze.

Most missions involve Holt fighting alongside allied non-player characters and working towards a common objective, often based on historical events during World War II. However, as a member of the OSS, Holt also has secondary objectives for each level, including finding documents and eliminating important German officers, such as henchmen belonging to the antagonist Graf Von Schrader.

The gameplay of European Assault is similar to that of its predecessor, a first-person shooter; however, the weapons and interface have been slightly upgraded to be more player-friendly. Most notably the HUD has been upgraded to indicate primary and secondary target and show other squad members, and ironsights were added. The addition of Adrenaline Mode, activated by killing numerous enemies or scoring headshots, allows the player to be invincible and have unlimited ammo for a short period of time.

As with all Medal of Honor games, the player is presented with a wide variety of weapons and stages pertaining to World War II. European Assault features an offline splitscreen multiplayer mode. The game contains three different modes of games (Death Match, Axis vs. Allies, Free for All), about a dozen maps, and differing game types in Free for All and Axis vs. Allies (e.g. Survival). It supports 2-4 players and has the option to create custom games with varying options depending on the mode.

The game received generally positive reviews. This is the last Medal of Honor game released for the original Xbox and Nintendo GameCube.


The game centers around Lt. William Holt, the player-controlled protagonist, who is supported by various allied NPCs throughout his mission. Key adversaries include German officers and the nefarious Graf Von Schrader, who serves as the game’s primary antagonist. Alongside historical figures and fictional characters, the narrative weaves a rich tapestry of bravery, sacrifice, and determination.


Gameplay in Medal of Honor: European Assault combines fast-paced first-person shooter action with strategic elements. Players can utilize a variety of WWII-era weapons and are encouraged to use the environment and tactics to their advantage. The game introduces a morale system, where the player’s actions can influence the performance of allied NPCs in battle. Completing all objectives in a mission awards players with medals, enhancing replayability and challenging players to excel.


Medal of Honor: European Assault offers a compelling World War II experience, combining historical authenticity with engaging gameplay. While it may have its flaws, the game’s commitment to delivering an immersive narrative and challenging missions makes it a noteworthy title in the action genre.

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