Metal Slug 4 (2002)

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Metal Slug 4 is a run-and-gun arcade game where players battle the terrorist organization Amadeus to prevent a cyber virus from destroying the world’s military computer systems. Featuring fast-paced gameplay and a humorous art style, it’s a worthy addition to the Metal Slug series.


Metal Slug 4 is a run-and-gun arcade game released in 2002, known for its action-packed gameplay and humorous, cartoonish art style. It is the fourth entry in the popular Metal Slug series.


“Metal Slug 4” is a run-and-gun video game that was released in 2002 for the Neo-Geo console/arcade platform. Developed by Mega Enterprise, Noise Factory, and Playmore, it is the fourth installment in the popular “Metal Slug” series.

The game retains the same gameplay as its predecessors, with the addition of new enemies, bosses, weapons, several vehicles, and a bonus combo system. A unique feature of “Metal Slug 4” is the bonus scoring system, which rewards players based on the number of enemies killed within a given time. The time allotted is determined by the type of emblem picked up by the player.

The plot of “Metal Slug 4” is set one year after the events of “Metal Slug 3” and “Metal Slug 6”. The world is under the threat of a mysterious and deadly cyber virus that threatens to attack and destroy any nation’s military computer system. With Tarma Roving and Eri Kasamoto unable to help due to their own assignments, Marco Rossi and Fiolina Germi are called in to investigate the situation.

They are joined by two newcomers, Nadia Cassel and Trevor Spacey. During their investigation, the group discovers that a rich terrorist organization known as the Amadeus Syndicate is behind the plot and has allied with General Morden’s Rebel Army. They head into battle against Amadeus’ forces, hoping to destroy the cyber virus before it gets the chance to wipe out the entire world’s military computer system.

“Metal Slug 4” was later ported to Xbox and PlayStation 2 as a stand-alone game in Japan and Europe, and along with “Metal Slug 5” as a compilation in North America and South Korea. The Nintendo Switch version was released in 2018.


Marco Rossi, Fio Germi, Nadia Cassel, Trevor Spacey, and various enemy soldiers and bosses from the Amadeus organization.


Players run, jump, and shoot their way through levels, using a variety of weapons and vehicles, including the iconic Metal Slug tank. The game can be played solo or in co-op mode, with a focus on fast-paced action and destroying everything in sight.


While Metal Slug 4 may not be the most innovative entry in the series, it remains a fun and engaging run-and-gun game that fans of the genre will enjoy.

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