Metroid Prime (2002)

by Christopher
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A landmark title that brought Metroid into 3D, ‘Metroid Prime’ combines atmospheric storytelling with immersive gameplay.


‘Metroid Prime’ marks a significant leap for the Metroid series into 3D, blending exploration, puzzle-solving, and action in a first-person perspective.


Following ‘Metroid’ (1986), Samus Aran tracks Ridley to Tallon IV, uncovering Phazon’s effects on the planet and Space Pirate activities.


– Samus Aran: The protagonist, a bounty hunter. – Space Pirates: Antagonists using Phazon for experiments. – Ridley: Samus’ archenemy. – Chozo: An ancient race whose technology is key to the plot.


‘Metroid Prime’ introduces a seamless world, combining Samus’ abilities in new ways for exploration and combat. The game is praised for its innovative map system and immersive environments.


‘Metroid Prime’ is a celebrated entry in the Metroid series, offering a compelling mix of action, exploration, and story.

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