Microsoft Train Simulator (2001)

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Microsoft Train Simulator (2001): A Railfan’s Dream Come True

Released in July 2001, Microsoft Train Simulator (MSTS) was a groundbreaking train simulation game that captivated railroad enthusiasts and casual gamers alike. Developed by UK-based Kuju Entertainment, MSTS offered an unprecedented level of realism, detail, and immersion in the world of rail transport.

Realistic Train Operations

One of the standout features of MSTS was its realistic train operations. Players could take control of a wide variety of locomotives, from classic steam engines to modern high-speed bullet trains, and operate them on detailed and accurate routes. The game accurately simulated train physics, including factors such as inertia, momentum, and braking distances. This allowed for a highly realistic and engaging gameplay experience.

Stunning Routes

MSTS featured a diverse selection of routes from around the world, each meticulously recreated with stunning graphics and attention to detail. Players could explore the scenic landscapes of the United States, Europe, and Japan, driving their trains through bustling cities, rolling countryside, and treacherous mountain passes. The routes were filled with realistic landmarks, such as stations, bridges, and tunnels, further enhancing the immersion.

Detailed Locomotives

MSTS offered a wide range of locomotives, each with its own unique characteristics and performance. Players could choose from a variety of steam, diesel, and electric locomotives, ranging from iconic classics to modern marvels of engineering. Each locomotive was meticulously modeled and textured, down to the smallest details, such as gauges, levers, and switches.

Immersive Gameplay

MSTS provided an immersive gameplay experience that allowed players to feel like they were actually operating a train. The game featured a variety of scenarios and challenges, ranging from simple tutorials to complex real-world operations. Players could also create their own scenarios and routes, further expanding the replayability of the game.

Modding Community

MSTS spawned a dedicated modding community that created a vast array of custom content, including new locomotives, routes, and scenarios. This modding community extended the lifespan of the game and kept it relevant for many years after its initial release.

Legacy and Impact

Microsoft Train Simulator had a profound impact on the train simulation genre. It set a new standard for realism, detail, and immersion, and inspired a generation of train enthusiasts and game developers. The game’s modding community continues to thrive today, ensuring that MSTS remains a vibrant and beloved title among railfans.


Microsoft Train Simulator (2001) is a classic train simulation game that continues to captivate players with its realistic train operations, stunning routes, and detailed locomotives. Its immersive gameplay and dedicated modding community have ensured its enduring popularity and legacy as one of the greatest train simulators ever created.

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