My Word Coach (2007)

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My Word Coach: Expand Your Vocabulary and Communication Skills


Ubisoft’s My Word Coach, released in 2007 for the Nintendo DS, is an innovative and engaging video game designed to enhance vocabulary and communication abilities. Developed in collaboration with applied linguist Dr. Tom Cobb of UQAM University, My Word Coach offers a fun and interactive way for players of all ages to improve their verbal expression and persuasion skills.


My Word Coach features a comprehensive range of activities and exercises that cater to all skill levels. Players start by taking an assessment to determine their current vocabulary level, and the game then tailors the activities accordingly.

One of the core components of the game is the robust dictionary, which boasts over 16,800 words. Players can browse the dictionary to learn new words or look up the definitions of unfamiliar ones. The game also includes a variety of exercises that help players practice using new words in context, such as:

  • Word Match: Players match words with their definitions.
  • Word Scramble: Players unscramble letters to form words.
  • Sentence Completion: Players complete sentences using the correct words from a list.
  • Story Builder: Players create their own stories using words from the dictionary.

In addition to the single-player activities, My Word Coach also features a multiplayer mode where players can challenge their friends to vocabulary competitions. The multiplayer games include:

  • Safecracker: Players take turns guessing letters to unlock a safe.
  • Cereal Letter: Players race to find words that start with the same letter as their cereal.
  • Word Duel: Players compete to define words correctly.
  • Vocabulary Challenge: Players answer multiple-choice questions about vocabulary.
  • Anagram Attack: Players unscramble words to form new ones.


  • Robust dictionary: Over 16,800 words to master.
  • Adaptable lessons: Activities are customized to each player’s skill level.
  • Multiplayer mode: Challenge friends to vocabulary competitions.
  • Touch screen functionality: Use the Nintendo DS touch screen to interact with words and activities.
  • Voice recognition: Speak words into the microphone to practice pronunciation.


My Word Coach offers numerous benefits for players of all ages, including:

  • Improved vocabulary: The game’s extensive dictionary and exercises help players learn new words and expand their vocabulary.
  • Enhanced verbal expression: Players practice using new words in context, improving their ability to express themselves clearly and confidently.
  • Increased persuasion skills: The game’s focus on vocabulary and communication skills can help players become more persuasive in their interactions with others.
  • Fun and engaging learning: My Word Coach makes learning vocabulary fun and engaging, making it a great way to improve communication skills without feeling like studying.

Critical Reception

My Word Coach received generally positive reviews from critics. IGN praised the game’s “robust dictionary” and “adaptable lessons,” while GameSpot called it “a great way to improve your vocabulary.” The game was also nominated for a BAFTA award for Best Educational Game.


My Word Coach is an excellent video game for anyone looking to improve their vocabulary and communication skills. The game’s fun and engaging activities, combined with its comprehensive dictionary and customizable lessons, make it a great way to learn new words and practice using them in context. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or simply someone who wants to expand their vocabulary, My Word Coach is a valuable tool that can help you achieve your communication goals.

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