Myst IV: Revelation (2004)

by Christopher
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Myst IV: Revelation ties up loose ends from the original Myst, offering players a complex adventure filled with exploration, puzzle-solving, and a deep narrative.


Myst IV: Revelation, the fourth installment in the Myst series, developed and published by Ubisoft, continues the tradition of blending pre-rendered graphics with digital video, enhancing realism with real-time 3D effects.


The plot of “Myst IV: Revelation” follows up on plot details from the original Myst. The player is summoned by Atrus, a man who creates links to other worlds known as Ages by writing special linking books. Almost twenty years earlier, Atrus’ two sons, Sirrus and Achenar, nearly destroyed all of his linking books and were imprisoned. Atrus now wishes to see if his sons’ imprisonment has reformed them.

In “Myst IV: Revelation”, you learn the fate of the two brothers from Myst 1 and must search for Yeesha, Atrus’ daughter. Sirrus and Achenar have remained trapped in their prison worlds for crimes they have committed. With the disappearance of Yeesha, you must explore the two prison worlds and find her.

The gameplay of “Myst IV: Revelation” is an adventure game with puzzle elements. Players explore interactive worlds known as Ages by using the mouse or keyboard, solving puzzles and uncovering the game’s narrative. Players cannot move freely across each Age; instead, they travel by clicking set locations called “nodes”, where players can rotate their view in any direction.

“Myst IV: Revelation” also features a “Zip” mode, which allows a method of rapidly crossing explored areas by skipping intermediate nodes. Areas that can be instantly traveled to are stored as thumbnail representations for rapid movement across Ages.

The mouse cursor helps to provide visual cues for player actions and movement. The cursor appears as a hand that changes depending on what the player is hovering the cursor over. For example, to move in a direction, the cursor changes to point in the intended direction. If players can view an item in greater detail, the cursor changes to a hand holding a magnifying glass.

By clicking and dragging the cursor, the player performs actions such as pushing, pulling, and tapping items. Players can capture clues by taking original photographs of Myst’s lush environments, and keep track of their explorations in their in-game journal.


Central characters include Atrus, a man with the ability to link to other worlds called Ages, his two sons Sirrus and Achenar, and his daughter Yeesha.


Featuring exploration across diverse and beautifully rendered landscapes, the game challenges players with intricate puzzles and immersive storytelling.


Myst IV: Revelation stands as a testament to the series’ enduring appeal, offering a rich, immersive experience that combines challenging puzzles with a compelling story.

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