Natural Selection 2 (2012)

by Nish
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Natural Selection 2 is an immersive multiplayer game that challenges players with a blend of shooter and RTS mechanics.


Natural Selection 2 combines shooter and RTS gameplay in a strategic, multiplayer experience.


Natural Selection 2 is et in a science fiction universe, the game pits a human team (Frontiersmen) against an alien team (Kharaa) in a battle for control of resources and territory within large and elaborate indoor facilities. The gameplay varies drastically between the two teams, each offering a unique experience.

The Frontiersmen, or Marines, rely heavily on guns and technology to combat the alien presence. They can use a variety of weapons and equipment, purchased with a currency system, to gain an advantage in battle.

On the other hand, the Kharaa, or Aliens, primarily use melee attacks. They possess unique abilities such as walking on walls, flying, and dashing forward in an instant. They can also evolve into higher lifeforms using the same currency system.

What sets Natural Selection 2 apart from other games in the FPS genre is its strategy component. Each team can have one player act as a commander, who views the game from a top-down perspective, akin to a real-time strategy game.

The commander can place buildings, research upgrades, and use various abilities to support their team. These abilities include dropping health and ammo packs, using certain support units to aid in combat or building, or erecting walls to block enemy movement. All these actions cost resources, adding a layer of strategy to the game.

Buildings in Natural Selection 2 are designed to aid players in their offensive, defensive, stealth, and speed capabilities. For a team to achieve victory, they must eliminate all of the opposing team’s command structures.


Marines vs. Aliens, with roles ranging from commanders to various specialized units.


Deep strategic elements with a focus on resource management and team coordination.


A unique multiplayer game that offers a deep and strategic experience, despite its steep learning curve.

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