NCAA March Madness 2005 (2004)

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NCAA March Madness 2005: A Deep Dive


NCAA March Madness 2005 is the 2004 installment in the NCAA March Madness series. Featuring former University of Connecticut, Charlotte Bobcats, New Orleans Hornets, Washington Wizards, and New Orleans Pelicans player Emeka Okafor on the cover, NCAA March Madness 2005 delivers an authentic college basketball experience.


NCAA March Madness 2005 features a variety of gameplay modes, including:

  • Exhibition: Play a single game against any two teams in the game.
  • Season: Play a full season with any team in the game, complete with conference play and the NCAA Tournament.
  • Tournament: Play in the NCAA Tournament with any team in the game.
  • Dynasty: Manage a college basketball program over multiple seasons, recruiting players, hiring staff, and building your team into a national championship contender.

The gameplay in NCAA March Madness 2005 is solid, with tight controls and realistic physics. The game also features a deep playcalling system that allows you to control every aspect of your team’s offense and defense.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics in NCAA March Madness 2005 are good, but not great. The player models are well-detailed, but the environments are a bit bland. The game’s sound is also good, with realistic crowd noise and commentary.


NCAA March Madness 2005 includes a number of features that add to the game’s replayability, including:

  • Create-a-School: Create your own college basketball team and compete in the game.
  • Online play: Play against other players online in head-to-head games or tournaments.
  • Roster updates: Download the latest roster updates to keep your game up-to-date.


NCAA March Madness 2005 is a solid college basketball game with a variety of gameplay modes, deep playcalling system, and good graphics and sound. The game also includes a number of features that add to its replayability. If you’re a fan of college basketball, then NCAA March Madness 2005 is definitely worth checking out.

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  • Solid gameplay
  • Deep playcalling system
  • Good graphics and sound
  • Variety of gameplay modes
  • Create-a-School feature
  • Online play
  • Roster updates


  • Environments are a bit bland
  • Commentary can be repetitive
  • AI can be challenging at times

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