NHL Blades of Steel ’99 (1999)

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NHL Blades of Steel ’99: The best hockey game on the market

NHL Blades of Steel ’99 is the latest installment in the popular NHL Blades of Steel series, and it’s easily the best hockey game on the market. With its updated rosters, motion-captured animation, and fully detailed stadiums, it’s the most realistic hockey experience you can have on a console.


The gameplay in NHL Blades of Steel ’99 is fast-paced and exciting. The controls are responsive and easy to learn, and the AI is challenging without being unfair. The game features a variety of different modes, including single-player, multiplayer, and online play.


The graphics in NHL Blades of Steel ’99 are some of the best in the genre. The player models are detailed and realistic, and the stadiums are beautifully rendered. The game also features realistic lighting and weather effects.


The sound in NHL Blades of Steel ’99 is also top-notch. The crowd noise is realistic and immersive, and the commentary is informative and exciting. The game also features a great soundtrack with a mix of rock and electronic music.


NHL Blades of Steel ’99 is packed with features, including:

  • Updated 98-99 rosters
  • Motion-captured animation
  • Fully detailed NHL stadiums
  • Real ice conditions
  • Adjustable team strategies
  • Trade players and sign free agents
  • Full season stat tracking and league leaders
  • Online play


NHL Blades of Steel ’99 is the best hockey game on the market. It’s a must-have for any fan of the sport.

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  • Fast-paced and exciting gameplay
  • Responsive and easy-to-learn controls
  • Challenging AI
  • Variety of different modes
  • Stunning graphics
  • Realistic sound
  • Packed with features


  • None


If you’re a fan of hockey, then you need to check out NHL Blades of Steel ’99. It’s the best hockey game on the market, and it’s sure to provide you with hours of enjoyment.


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