Paradigm Shift (2014)

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Paradigm Shift: A Gripping Adventure Game with a Thought-Provoking Story

Paradigm Shift is a 2014 adventure game developed and published by Jacob Janerka. The game follows the story of a man named Adam who awakens from a terrifying nightmare to discover that his home city of River Lake has been devastated by an explosion at a neuroscience laboratory.

Adam soon learns that the explosion has unleashed a strange new force into the world, a force that is causing people to lose their minds and become violent. Adam must race against time to find a way to stop the force before it destroys the entire city.

Paradigm Shift is a beautifully crafted game with a gripping story, challenging puzzles, and thought-provoking themes. The game’s visuals are dark and atmospheric, and the soundtrack is haunting and immersive. The puzzles are clever and challenging, and the story is full of twists and turns.

One of the things that makes Paradigm Shift so unique is its focus on the psychological effects of trauma. Adam is a deeply traumatized character, and the game does an excellent job of portraying his struggle to come to terms with what he has experienced. The game also explores the themes of loss, grief, and redemption.

Paradigm Shift is a challenging game, both in terms of its puzzles and its themes. However, it is also a rewarding game that will stay with you long after you finish playing it. If you are a fan of adventure games, or if you are looking for a game with a thought-provoking story, then I highly recommend Paradigm Shift.


Paradigm Shift is a point-and-click adventure game. The player controls Adam as he explores the city of River Lake and interacts with its inhabitants. The game’s puzzles are inventory-based, and the player must often use items in the environment to solve them.

The game also features a number of stealth sections. In these sections, the player must avoid being detected by enemies. If Adam is detected, he will be attacked and the player will have to restart the section.


Paradigm Shift’s story is told through a series of flashbacks. The player learns about Adam’s past and his relationship with his family and friends. The game also explores the events leading up to the explosion at the neuroscience laboratory.

The story is full of twists and turns, and the player is never quite sure what is going to happen next. The game’s ending is also ambiguous, and the player is left to decide for themselves what happened to Adam and the city of River Lake.


Adam is a complex and well-developed character. He is a deeply traumatized man, but he is also strong and determined. He is willing to do whatever it takes to save his city and the people he loves.

The other characters in the game are also well-written and believable. Each character has their own unique motivations and goals, and the player gets a sense of their lives and experiences.


Paradigm Shift explores a number of thought-provoking themes, including the psychological effects of trauma, loss, grief, and redemption. The game also raises questions about the nature of reality and the human condition.

The game’s themes are woven into the story and gameplay in a subtle and effective way. The player is never preached to, but they are left to think about the game’s themes long after they finish playing it.


Paradigm Shift is a beautifully crafted game with a gripping story, challenging puzzles, and thought-provoking themes. The game is a must-play for fans of adventure games and for anyone looking for a game that will stay with them long after they finish playing it.

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