Patrician IV (2010)

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Patrician IV: A Comprehensive Guide to Medieval Trade and Empire Building


Step into the vibrant world of the late Middle Ages in Patrician IV, a captivating historical trading simulation and strategy game. As a budding merchant in the heart of northern Europe, you embark on an extraordinary journey to establish a prosperous торговая империя and rise to the pinnacle of the Hanseatic League, the powerful торговый союз that dominated the region.


Patrician IV immerses you in a meticulously crafted world of economic intrigue and political machinations. Your primary objective is to amass wealth and influence, ultimately becoming the Elderman, the esteemed leader of the Hanseatic League. To achieve this, you must engage in a wide range of activities, including:

  • Trading: Buy and sell goods in over 70 cities across northern Europe, taking advantage of price fluctuations and supply and demand to maximize profits.
  • Production: Establish your own workshops and factories to produce goods, increasing your income and reducing reliance on external suppliers.
  • Fleet Management: Build and manage a fleet of merchant ships to transport goods between cities, ensuring efficient and timely delivery.
  • Political Influence: Gain political power by investing in cities, bribing officials, and forming alliances with influential figures.
  • City Management: Found new towns and develop existing ones by constructing buildings, improving infrastructure, and managing resources.


  • Unrivaled Economic Depth: Patrician IV boasts an incredibly detailed and realistic economic simulation, with over 200 different goods to trade, each with its own unique supply and demand dynamics.
  • Complex Political System: Navigate a complex political landscape, where your actions can influence the balance of power between cities and the Hanseatic League itself.
  • Dynamic World: The game world evolves over time, with new events, technological advancements, and political alliances constantly shaping the environment.
  • Extensive City Building: Design and construct your own towns, customizing their layout, buildings, and industries to maximize their potential.
  • AI Competitors: Compete against cunning AI merchants who will use their own strategies to outmaneuver you and secure their own dominance.

Historical Accuracy:

Patrician IV is deeply rooted in historical accuracy, faithfully recreating the economic and political realities of the late Middle Ages. The game’s cities, goods, and events are all based on meticulous research, immersing you in a truly authentic medieval experience.


While the path to becoming the Elderman is paved with opportunities, it is also fraught with challenges. You will face fierce competition from rival merchants, navigate treacherous political waters, and overcome unforeseen events that can disrupt your carefully laid plans.

  • Economic Fluctuations: The medieval economy was volatile, and Patrician IV accurately reflects this. Market prices can fluctuate wildly, and unexpected events can lead to sudden losses.
  • Political Intrigue: The political landscape is treacherous, and your actions can have far-reaching consequences. Rival merchants may bribe officials to gain an advantage, and powerful figures can use their influence to hinder your progress.
  • Natural Disasters: Fires, plagues, and storms can strike your cities, causing widespread damage and disrupting your торговый сети.


Patrician IV is a masterpiece of historical simulation and strategy gaming. Its unparalleled economic depth, complex political system, dynamic world, extensive city building, and AI competitors combine to create an immersive and engaging experience that will captivate you for hours on end.

Whether you are a seasoned strategy gamer or a newcomer to the genre, Patrician IV offers a rewarding and intellectually stimulating challenge. As you navigate the treacherous waters of the medieval economy and strive to become the Elderman of the Hanseatic League, you will discover the true meaning of mercantile power and the complexities of medieval life.

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