Penny Racers (1998)

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Race, dodge, and customize in Penny Racers, a unique blend of high-speed action and creative car personalization set in a whimsical world of challenging tracks and fierce competition.


In Penny Racers, players dive into a world of high-speed racing with a twist. Starting with an unimpressive racer, your goal is to climb the ranks, beat the competition, and upgrade your car by winning parts from your rivals.


“Penny Racers”, also known as “Choro Q” in Japan, is a fun and engaging racing game that was released in 1998. The game is known for its unique blend of racing and customization, allowing players to not only race but also modify their vehicles with various parts and upgrades.

The game starts with the player choosing a car from a selection of miniature vehicles, each with its own unique characteristics. The player then competes in a series of races, earning money based on their performance. This money can be used to purchase new parts and upgrades for their vehicle, enhancing its speed, handling, and other attributes.

One of the standout features of “Penny Racers” is its extensive customization options. Players can modify virtually every aspect of their vehicle, from the engine and tires to the body and paint job. This allows for a high degree of personalization, with players able to create a vehicle that suits their individual playstyle.

The races in “Penny Racers” take place across a variety of different tracks, each with its own unique layout and challenges. Players must navigate these tracks while also contending with their opponents, who are controlled by the game’s AI. The AI is known for its competitive nature, often providing a stiff challenge even for experienced players.

In addition to the standard races, “Penny Racers” also features a number of special events and challenges. These include time trials, where players must complete a track as quickly as possible, and endurance races, where the goal is to last as long as possible without running out of fuel. These events provide a welcome change of pace from the standard races, adding an extra layer of depth to the game.

“Penny Racers” is also notable for its charming and colorful graphics. The game’s miniature vehicles are rendered in a cute and stylized manner, while the tracks are filled with vibrant colors and detailed environments. This gives the game a distinctive and appealing visual style that sets it apart from other racing games of the time.

Despite its age, “Penny Racers” remains a beloved title among fans of racing games. Its unique blend of racing and customization, coupled with its charming visuals and challenging AI, make it a game that is still enjoyable to play today. Whether you’re a fan of racing games or just looking for a fun and engaging gaming experience, “Penny Racers” is a game that is well worth checking out.

“Penny Racers” is a standout title in the racing game genre. With its extensive customization options, challenging races, and charming visuals, it offers a unique and engaging gaming experience that is still enjoyable more than two decades after its initial release. Whether you’re a veteran gamer or a newcomer to the genre, “Penny Racers” is a game that is sure to provide hours of fun and entertainment.


While Penny Racers does not feature characters in the traditional sense, players can choose from 13 different racer body styles, each with unique capabilities and aesthetics, to represent them in the races.


The gameplay of Penny Racers focuses on racing across nine tracks, avoiding obstacles, and competing against rivals. Players can customize their cars with engine and armor upgrades, special abilities, and cosmetic enhancements. The game also includes a Track Create mode, allowing for endless racing possibilities.


Though Penny Racers might not have reached the heights of fame as some of its contemporaries, its inventive approach to car customization and track design provides a charming and enjoyable racing experience for those who appreciate the retro gaming aesthetic.

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