Phantasy Star II (1989)

by Christopher
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A trailblazer in the RPG genre, Phantasy Star II is celebrated for its compelling story, challenging gameplay, and as a testament to the depth possible in video game storytelling.


A defining RPG for the Sega Genesis, influencing countless games in the genre.


The game takes place 1,000 years after the events of its predecessor and follows the journey of a government agent named Rolf and his friends. They are on a mission to discover why the protector of the planet Mota, Mother Brain, has started malfunctioning.

The story opens on a young man named Rolf who’s being plagued by nightmares. Rolf, an agent with the central government in Paseo, the capital city of the planet Mota, is given the task of retrieving the data recorder from the Biosystems Lab, in order to learn why the lab has created such dangerous creatures.

Analysis of the data recorder shows that the Biosystems Lab has been receiving excess energy from Climatrol, and that this energy is responsible for the mutations. Rolf and his party travel to Climatrol to investigate the energy spikes, and discover the being responsible. A tough battle ensues, ending in tragedy.

The building is rocked by explosions, and begins spewing water into the central lake. Returning quickly to Paseo, Rolf is sent to open the four dams surrounding the central lake to avoid a catastrophic flood. Unfortunately, due to the damage caused to Climatrol, Mother Brain has declared Rolf a criminal, and sent out an army of robots to capture him.

As Rolf unlocks the last of the four dams, he is captured and taken to the artificial prison-satellite called Gaira. Aboard Gaira, a mysterious malfunction in the navigation system puts the satellite on a collision course with the Algo system’s first planet, Palm.


Rolf, Nei, and other companions each bringing unique abilities to the adventure.


Features turn-based combat, top-down exploration, and third-person battles, with a focus on strategic planning and character-specific equipment.


Phantasy Star II’s legacy as a pioneering RPG endures, with its challenging gameplay and compelling story captivating players even decades after its release.

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