Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (2005)

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is a groundbreaking adventure game that brings courtroom drama to life. With its intricate storytelling, engaging gameplay, and memorable characters, it has captured the hearts of gamers worldwide.


Step into the legal world with Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, a game that combines mystery, drama, and humor in a unique courtroom setting.


“Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney” is a captivating visual novel adventure game developed and published by Capcom. The game was initially released in 2001 for the Game Boy Advance in Japan and has since been ported to multiple platforms. The 2005 Nintendo DS version introduced an English language option and marked the first time the game was released in North America and Europe.

The game revolves around Phoenix “Nick” Wright, a rookie defense attorney who strives to prove his clients “not guilty”. Phoenix’s boss, Mia Fey, her sister and Phoenix’s assistant, Maya, and prosecutor Miles Edgeworth are among the other key characters.

The gameplay is divided into two sets of sections: investigations and courtroom trials. During investigations, players gather information and evidence. In the courtroom trials, they cross-examine witnesses and respond to questions from the judge, the prosecutor, and the witnesses.

The story is split into five cases. The fifth case was introduced in the Nintendo DS version to utilize gameplay elements using the handheld’s touchscreen. This case was not available in the original Game Boy Advance version.

The first case sets the stage for Phoenix’s career as a defense attorney. The subsequent cases become increasingly complex, involving a variety of intriguing characters and challenging scenarios. Each case presents a unique mystery that Phoenix must unravel, using his investigative skills and courtroom prowess.

In one of the cases, a man is killed on a boat at Gourd Lake, and Miles Edgeworth is accused of the murder. Phoenix defends him, showcasing the intense courtroom battles that the game is known for. In another case, Lana Skye is accused of the murder of Bruce Goodman. Her sister, Ema Skye, convinces Phoenix Wright to take her case.

The game was designed to be simple, with creator Shu Takumi wanting it to be easy enough that even his mother could play. Despite its simplicity, the game offers a rich narrative and engaging gameplay that has captivated players worldwide.

The game’s setting was originally in Japan, but the localization is set in the United States. This became an issue when localizing later games, where the Japanese setting was more obvious.

“Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney” has been positively received by critics who praised its premise, writing, characters, and presentation. The game has been a commercial success both in Japan and internationally. The release sales in North America broke expectations, and as a result, the software became difficult to find in stores shortly after its release.


Phoenix Wright, the protagonist, is known for his determination and quick thinking. Key characters include Maya Fey, his assistant with psychic abilities; Miles Edgeworth, his rival prosecutor; and a host of unique witnesses and defendants.


Gameplay involves investigating crime scenes for evidence, cross-examining witnesses, and presenting findings in court. Players must find contradictions in testimonies to expose the truth, using the DS touch screen to interact with the game world.


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney stands as a landmark in the adventure and visual novel genres. Its unique blend of courtroom drama, detective work, and narrative depth offers an unforgettable gaming experience.

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