Port Royale: Gold, Power and Pirates (2003)

by Christopher
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Port Royale offers an engaging blend of economic simulation and naval strategy, set in a richly detailed historical context, making it a rewarding experience for patient and strategic players.


Port Royale is a complex and engaging economic simulator set against the backdrop of the 17th-century Caribbean, offering players a blend of trading, naval combat, and strategy.


The game allows players to choose any type of career they wish, including trading and interactions with pirates. There are also many other activities in the game besides trading or hunting down pirates. Players can visit governors in towns and accept missions from them as long as their reputation with the country is good enough.

Missions include armed transport and tracking down lost relatives that have been kidnapped by an NPC called Axesmith. The player can choose, eventually, to defeat Axesmith outright in battle. Treasure maps, purchased in pieces from around the game board, can also lead to newfound wealth and even the creation of a private port.

An important part of the game are the colonial nations in the Caribbean (Spain, France, England, and The Netherlands) and their relationships. There are a total of 12 different ship types available to players, of increasing cost, efficacy in battle, and room for cargo. They range from the small pinnace, to a large ship of the line.

The pirate that kidnapped the player’s relatives goes by the name Axesmith and the player must fight his relatives which are found by going to taverns and finding specific people that will give the player a map to his relatives’ location. The player’s mother has turned out to have died but the sister of the player is still alive and is found by the player.


Players can represent one of four nations: Spain, England, France, or Holland, each offering unique challenges and opportunities.


The gameplay revolves around trading, naval combat, and town construction, with a significant emphasis on economic strategy and real-time battles.


Port Royale stands out as a detailed and challenging economic simulator that offers depth and complexity for strategy enthusiasts, despite its steep learning curve.

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