Predator: Concrete Jungle (2005)

by Nish
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Predator: Concrete Jungle (2005) Review

Predator: Concrete Jungle is a third-person action-adventure game developed by Eurocom and published by Vivendi Universal Games. It was released on November 15, 2005, for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Windows. The game is based on the Predator franchise and is set in both 1930 and 2030.


The player controls the Predator, a member of an alien race of hunters, as they stalk and kill their prey. The Predator has a variety of weapons and abilities at their disposal, including wrist blades, plasma casters, and thermal vision. The player must use these abilities to hunt down and kill their targets without being detected.

The game features two different eras – 1930 and 2030. In 1930, the Predator is hunting down members of the Mafia who have discovered the Predator’s existence. In 2030, the Predator is hunting down members of a paramilitary organization that is trying to capture and study the Predator.

The game’s levels are large and open-ended, and the player is free to explore them at their own pace. The player can use the Predator’s thermal vision to track their targets, and they can use the Predator’s agility to climb buildings and swing from trees.


The game’s story is told through a series of cutscenes. The cutscenes reveal that the Predator has been hunting on Earth for centuries, and that they have been responsible for the deaths of many humans. The cutscenes also reveal that the Predator is not the only alien race that is hunting on Earth, and that there is a larger conflict taking place between different alien races.

The game’s story is well-written and engaging, and it does a good job of building suspense and tension. The cutscenes are well-acted and directed, and they help to bring the game’s world to life.


The game’s graphics are impressive, especially for a game that was released in 2005. The character models are detailed and well-animated, and the environments are lush and atmospheric. The game’s use of lighting and shadow is also very effective, and it helps to create a sense of suspense and danger.


The game’s sound design is also very good. The sound effects are realistic and immersive, and the music is atmospheric and suspenseful. The voice acting is also very good, and it helps to bring the game’s characters to life.


Predator: Concrete Jungle is a great action-adventure game that offers a unique take on the Predator franchise. The game’s graphics are impressive, the gameplay is engaging, and the story is well-written and engaging. I highly recommend it to fans of the Predator movies and to anyone who enjoys action-adventure games.




  • Impressive graphics
  • Engaging gameplay
  • Well-written story
  • Great sound design


  • Can be repetitive at times
  • Some of the levels are too large and open-ended

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