Prison Tycoon 4: Supermax (2008)

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Prison Tycoon 4: Supermax is a business simulation game developed by Introversion Software and published by Ubisoft. It was released for Microsoft Windows on November 28, 2008. The game is the fourth installment in the Prison Tycoon series, and it introduces several new features and improvements over its predecessors.

In Prison Tycoon 4: Supermax, players take on the role of a warden of a private prison. The game’s objective is to build and manage a profitable prison while keeping the inmates in line. Players must design and construct their prison, hire and manage staff, and set security levels. They must also deal with prisoner needs, such as food, water, and recreation.

One of the new features in Prison Tycoon 4: Supermax is the ability to build a SuperMax prison. SuperMax prisons are designed to house the most dangerous and diabolical criminals. They feature higher security levels and more restrictive conditions than regular prisons.

Another new feature in Prison Tycoon 4: Supermax is the ability to manage prisoner gangs. Gangs can form within a prison, and they can cause trouble for the warden and the other inmates. Players must keep an eye on the gangs and take steps to prevent them from gaining too much power.

Prison Tycoon 4: Supermax also features a number of improvements over its predecessors. The graphics have been updated, and the game now runs on a new engine. The user interface has also been redesigned, making it easier for players to manage their prisons.


Prison Tycoon 4: Supermax is a complex and challenging game. Players must carefully manage their resources and make wise decisions in order to succeed. The game offers a high degree of freedom, and players are able to customize their prisons to their liking.

The game begins with the player choosing a plot of land to build their prison on. The player must then design and construct the prison, including the cells, the dining hall, the infirmary, and the security systems.

Once the prison is built, the player must hire and manage staff. Staff members include guards, cooks, doctors, and teachers. Each staff member has their own skills and abilities, and the player must carefully choose the right staff for the job.

The player must also set security levels for the prison. Security levels can be set for individual cells, or for the entire prison. The higher the security level, the more difficult it is for prisoners to escape.

The player must also deal with prisoner needs. Prisoners need food, water, and recreation. The player must ensure that the prisoners have access to these things, or they will become unhappy and may riot.


Prison Tycoon 4: Supermax received generally positive reviews from critics. The game was praised for its depth and complexity, as well as its improved graphics and user interface. However, some critics found the game to be too difficult and unforgiving.

Overall, Prison Tycoon 4: Supermax is a well-made and challenging business simulation game. The game offers a high degree of freedom and customization, and it is sure to appeal to fans of the genre.

Tips for playing Prison Tycoon 4: Supermax

Here are a few tips for playing Prison Tycoon 4: Supermax:

  • Start small. Don’t try to build a massive prison right away. Start with a small prison and gradually expand it as you gain experience.
  • Focus on security. Security is the most important thing in a prison. Make sure that your prison is well-guarded and that the security systems are up to date.
  • Manage your finances carefully. Money is tight in Prison Tycoon 4: Supermax. Make sure that you are spending your money wisely and that you are not overspending.
  • Keep the prisoners happy. Unhappy prisoners are more likely to riot. Make sure that the prisoners have access to food, water, and recreation.
  • Be prepared for the unexpected. Things can happen quickly in Prison Tycoon 4: Supermax. Be prepared for riots, escapes, and other emergencies.

With a little planning and effort, you can succeed in Prison Tycoon 4: Supermax. Just remember to be patient, be adaptable, and be prepared for anything.

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