Red Heat (1989)

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Red Heat (1989)


Red Heat is an arcade action game released by Taito in 1989. The game is based on the 1988 film of the same name, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Belushi. Players take on the role of Ivan Danko (Schwarzenegger), a Soviet police officer who teams up with Chicago Police Department detective Art Ridzik (Belushi) to track down a ruthless drug lord.


Red Heat is a side-scrolling beat ’em up game. Players control Ivan Danko as he fights his way through four different levels, each with its own unique setting and enemies. Danko can punch, kick, and grapple his opponents, as well as use a variety of weapons, including guns, knives, and grenades.

The game’s levels are varied and include a steel mill, a construction site, a warehouse, and a subway station. Each level is filled with enemies, including gangsters, thugs, and even ninjas. Danko must defeat all of the enemies in a level in order to progress to the next one.

In addition to the standard enemies, each level also features a boss character. These bosses are more powerful than the regular enemies and require Danko to use all of his skills and abilities to defeat them.

Graphics and Sound

Red Heat’s graphics are impressive for an arcade game of its time. The characters are well-animated and the backgrounds are detailed. The game’s soundtrack is also excellent, with a mix of rock and electronic music that perfectly captures the game’s atmosphere.

Critical Reception

Red Heat was a critical and commercial success. The game was praised for its fast-paced gameplay, detailed graphics, and excellent soundtrack. It was also a hit with fans of the film, who enjoyed playing as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character.


Red Heat is considered to be one of the best arcade beat ’em up games of all time. It has been ported to a number of home consoles and is still enjoyed by gamers today. The game’s success helped to spawn a number of sequels and spin-offs, including Red Heat 2 (1992) and Red Heat: The Movie (1995).


Red Heat is a classic arcade beat ’em up game that is still enjoyed by gamers today. The game’s fast-paced gameplay, detailed graphics, and excellent soundtrack make it a must-play for fans of the genre.

Additional Information

  • Red Heat was developed by Taito, the same company that developed the classic arcade games Space Invaders and Bubble Bobble.
  • The game was originally released in Japan as “Red Heat: The Movie.”
  • The game was ported to the Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and Game Boy in 1990.
  • A sequel to the game, Red Heat 2, was released in 1992.
  • A remake of the game, Red Heat: The Movie, was released in 1995.

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