Rei Fighter Gekitsui Senki (2003)

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Rei Fighter Gekitsui Senki: A Neo Geo Gem


Released in 2003, Rei Fighter Gekitsui Senki is a 2D fighting game developed and published by Noise Factory for the Neo Geo arcade and home console. It is the sequel to the 1996 game Kizuna Encounter, and features many of the same characters and gameplay mechanics.


Rei Fighter Gekitsui Senki is a traditional 2D fighting game with a roster of 12 characters, each with their own unique fighting style and special moves. The game features a variety of game modes, including arcade mode, versus mode, and training mode.

The game’s controls are simple and easy to learn, with a four-button layout that allows players to perform a variety of attacks, throws, and special moves. The game also features a unique “Guard Break” system, which allows players to break through their opponent’s guard by pressing the same button twice in a row.


The roster of Rei Fighter Gekitsui Senki includes a variety of characters, each with their own unique backstory and fighting style. Some of the most popular characters include:

  • Rei – The main protagonist of the game, Rei is a young woman who seeks revenge against the evil organization that killed her family.
  • Kouryu – Rei’s childhood friend and traveling companion, Kouryu is a skilled swordsman who fights with honor and justice.
  • Shiki – A mysterious and powerful ninja, Shiki is a master of stealth and deception.
  • Sae – A young woman who fights with a giant hammer, Sae is known for her strength and determination.
  • Jin – A skilled martial artist, Jin fights with a variety of powerful punches and kicks.


The story of Rei Fighter Gekitsui Senki takes place in a world where the evil organization known as the Dark Kingdom has taken over. Rei, the main protagonist of the game, sets out on a journey to defeat the Dark Kingdom and avenge the death of her family. Along the way, she is joined by a group of allies who share her goal.

Graphics and Sound

Rei Fighter Gekitsui Senki features beautiful 2D graphics that are full of detail and color. The character sprites are large and well-animated, and the backgrounds are lush and vibrant. The game’s soundtrack is also excellent, with a variety of catchy and energetic tracks that perfectly complement the action on-screen.


Rei Fighter Gekitsui Senki was released to critical acclaim, with many reviewers praising the game’s graphics, gameplay, and soundtrack. The game was also a commercial success, selling over 100,000 copies worldwide.


Rei Fighter Gekitsui Senki is considered to be one of the best fighting games on the Neo Geo. The game’s unique gameplay mechanics and memorable characters have made it a favorite among fighting game fans. The game has also been ported to a variety of other platforms, including the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Dreamcast.


Rei Fighter Gekitsui Senki is a classic 2D fighting game that is still enjoyed by fans today. The game’s beautiful graphics, tight gameplay, and memorable characters make it a must-play for any fan of the genre.

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