Rogue Trooper (2006)

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Rogue Trooper: A Genetic Infantryman’s Quest for Revenge on Nu-Earth

In the grim darkness of the 40th millennium, there is only war. And on the poisoned battlefields of Nu-Earth, a lone warrior emerges from the shadows to seek vengeance for his fallen comrades. He is the Rogue Trooper, the last survivor of the massacred Genetic Infantrymen, and he will stop at nothing to bring down the traitorous General Scipio and his Nort forces.

A World at War

Nu-Earth is a planet ravaged by a seemingly endless war between the Norts and the Southers. The Norts are a brutal and expansionist regime, led by the ruthless General Scipio. The Southers are a loose alliance of freedom fighters, struggling to defend their homeland from the Nort invaders.

In the midst of this conflict, the Genetic Infantrymen were created as the ultimate soldiers. Genetically engineered and cybernetically enhanced, they were designed to be immune to the toxic atmosphere of Nu-Earth and to fight with unmatched skill and efficiency. However, the GIs were betrayed by their own commander, General Scipio, who ordered their extermination.

The Lone Survivor

Rogue Trooper is the sole survivor of the GI massacre. He escaped the slaughter and vowed to avenge his fallen comrades. Armed with his plasma rifle and a variety of other weapons and gadgets, Rogue Trooper sets out on a perilous journey across Nu-Earth.

Along the way, Rogue Trooper encounters a variety of allies and enemies. He teams up with the Southers, who provide him with support and supplies. He also encounters the Norts, who are determined to stop him at all costs.


Rogue Trooper is a third-person action game that combines intense shooting with stealth and puzzle-solving elements. Players control Rogue Trooper as he fights his way through hordes of Nort soldiers, using a variety of weapons and abilities.

Rogue Trooper’s plasma rifle is his primary weapon. It can be used to fire single shots, or charged up to unleash a powerful blast. Rogue Trooper also has access to a variety of other weapons, including shotguns, sniper rifles, and rocket launchers.

In addition to his weapons, Rogue Trooper can also use a variety of gadgets to help him on his mission. These gadgets include a cloaking device, a jetpack, and a grappling hook.

Rogue Trooper’s gameplay is varied and engaging. Players must use a combination of stealth, action, and puzzle-solving to progress through the game. The game’s levels are large and open-ended, giving players the freedom to explore and find their own way to complete objectives.

Graphics and Sound

Rogue Trooper’s graphics are impressive for its time. The game’s characters and environments are detailed and well-animated. The game’s art style is dark and gritty, perfectly capturing the grim atmosphere of Nu-Earth.

The game’s sound is also top-notch. The voice acting is excellent, and the game’s soundtrack is both atmospheric and adrenaline-pumping.


Rogue Trooper’s story is well-written and engaging. The game’s characters are well-developed and relatable. Players will find themselves rooting for Rogue Trooper as he fights for revenge and justice.

The game’s story is also full of twists and turns. Players will never be quite sure what to expect next. The game’s ending is also satisfying, providing closure to Rogue Trooper’s journey.


Rogue Trooper is a classic third-person action game that still holds up today. The game’s intense shooting, stealth elements, and puzzle-solving gameplay are all top-notch. The game’s graphics and sound are also impressive, and the story is well-written and engaging. If you’re a fan of action games, then you owe it to yourself to check out Rogue Trooper.

Review Score: 8.5/10

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