Seaman (1999)

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Seaman (1999) Review

Seaman is a virtual pet video game for the Sega Dreamcast. It was developed by Vivarium and published by Sega. The game was released in Japan in 1999 and in North America and Europe in 2000.

Seaman is a unique and bizarre game. It features a talking fish with a human face, voiced by Leonard Nimoy. The player’s goal is to raise and care for their Seaman, teaching it to speak and sing. The game uses the Dreamcast’s microphone attachment to allow players to interact with their Seaman.

Seaman was a critical and commercial success. It sold over 1 million copies worldwide and received positive reviews from critics. The game was praised for its innovative gameplay, quirky humor, and Leonard Nimoy’s voice acting.


Seaman is a virtual pet game in which the player raises and cares for a talking fish with a human face. The game is played using the Dreamcast’s microphone attachment. Players can interact with their Seaman by talking to it, singing to it, and feeding it.

The player’s goal is to teach their Seaman to speak and sing. To do this, the player must repeat words and phrases into the microphone. The Seaman will then attempt to repeat what the player has said. The player can also teach the Seaman to sing by singing into the microphone.

In addition to teaching their Seaman to speak and sing, the player must also care for it. This includes feeding it, cleaning its tank, and playing with it. The player must also make sure that the Seaman gets enough sleep.

If the player does not care for their Seaman properly, it will become sick or even die. The player can revive their Seaman by giving it medicine or by performing CPR.


Seaman is set in a futuristic underwater laboratory. The player’s Seaman lives in a tank in the laboratory. The laboratory is also home to a variety of other creatures, including jellyfish, seahorses, and sharks.

The player can explore the laboratory and interact with the other creatures. The player can also collect items that can be used to care for or teach the Seaman.


The main character in Seaman is the player’s Seaman. The Seaman is a talking fish with a human face. It is voiced by Leonard Nimoy.

The Seaman is a unique and complex character. It is intelligent and curious, but it is also arrogant and demanding. The Seaman will often challenge the player to games of trivia or riddles. It will also make fun of the player if it does not get its way.

Despite its flaws, the Seaman is a lovable character. It is impossible not to feel attached to it after spending time with it.

Voice Acting

Leonard Nimoy’s voice acting is one of the best things about Seaman. Nimoy brings a sense of gravitas and humor to the role of the Seaman. He makes the character believable and relatable.

The rest of the voice acting in Seaman is also excellent. The other creatures in the laboratory are all voiced by talented voice actors.


The graphics in Seaman are simple but effective. The character models are well-designed and the environments are detailed and realistic. The game’s use of color is also very effective.


The sound design in Seaman is excellent. The music is atmospheric and the sound effects are realistic. The game’s use of sound helps to create a immersive and believable experience.


Seaman is a unique and bizarre game that is sure to entertain and challenge players. The game’s innovative gameplay, quirky humor, and excellent voice acting make it a must-play for fans of virtual pet games and unique gaming experiences.



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