Secret Service (2008)

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Secret Service (2008): A Gripping Presidential Protection Thriller

Secret Service is a 2008 political thriller video game developed by Blackfoot Studios and published by 2K Games. The game puts players in the role of a Secret Service agent tasked with protecting the President of the United States after he is shot on Inauguration Day.

The game features a gripping storyline, challenging missions, and immersive visuals. Players must use their skills in stealth, combat, and investigation to protect the President from a variety of threats, including assassins, terrorists, and political rivals.


Secret Service is a third-person shooter game with a focus on stealth and cover-based combat. Players control a Secret Service agent from a third-person perspective, and must use their environment to their advantage to avoid detection and take down enemies.

The game features a variety of weapons and gadgets that players can use to complete their missions. These include handguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, and grenades. Players can also use cover to protect themselves from enemy fire, and can lean around corners to peek around without exposing themselves.

In addition to combat, players must also use their investigative skills to gather information and track down suspects. Players can interrogate witnesses, search for clues, and use surveillance equipment to gather evidence.


The story of Secret Service begins on Inauguration Day, as the newly elected President of the United States is shot. Players take on the role of a Secret Service agent tasked with protecting the President and investigating the assassination attempt.

As the investigation progresses, players uncover a web of conspiracy and corruption that reaches the highest levels of government. Players must use their skills and resources to track down the assassins and bring them to justice.


The player character in Secret Service is a highly skilled Secret Service agent. Players can choose to play as either a male or female agent.

In addition to the player character, there are a number of other characters in the game, including:

  • The President of the United States
  • The First Lady
  • The Vice President
  • The Secretary of State
  • The Director of the Secret Service


The game is set in Washington, D.C. and its surrounding areas. Players will visit a variety of locations, including the White House, the Capitol Building, and the National Mall.


Secret Service received generally positive reviews from critics. The game was praised for its gripping storyline, challenging missions, and immersive visuals. However, some critics found the game to be too linear and repetitive.

Overall, Secret Service is a solid political thriller that offers players a unique and immersive experience. The game’s gripping storyline, challenging missions, and immersive visuals make it a must-play for fans of the genre.

Score: 8.5/10


  • Gripping storyline
  • Challenging missions
  • Immersive visuals
  • Variety of weapons and gadgets
  • Strong voice acting


  • Linear and repetitive gameplay
  • Some technical issues

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