Shrek Super Slam (2005)

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Shrek Super Slam: A Wacky Melee Adventure in the Shrek Universe

Prepare yourself for a side-splitting melee adventure as we dive into the chaotic world of Shrek Super Slam! Released in 2005, this action-packed game brings together the beloved characters from the Shrek franchise for a hilarious and over-the-top fighting experience.

Gameplay: A Melee Extravaganza

Shrek Super Slam is a fast-paced melee fighting game that pits the iconic characters from the Shrek universe against each other in a battle for supremacy. Players can choose from a roster of 10 playable characters, including Shrek, Donkey, Fiona, Puss in Boots, and even the Gingerbread Man.

Each character possesses unique fighting moves and abilities that reflect their personalities and quirks. Shrek’s signature move, the Green Storm, unleashes a powerful tornado that damages and knocks back opponents. Donkey’s Juggle Punt sends foes flying with a well-aimed kick, while Puss in Boots’ Love-Stun charms enemies into submission with his irresistible feline charisma.

The game features a variety of fully destructible arenas, ranging from the cozy Poison Apple Inn to the fiery Dragon’s Gate. As players battle, they can smash through walls, send debris flying, and utilize a multitude of weapons, potions, and magical items to gain an advantage.

Characters: A Quirky Ensemble

The cast of Shrek Super Slam is as diverse and entertaining as the Shrek films themselves. Players can choose from the following characters:

  • Shrek: The lovable and grumpy ogre with superhuman strength and a heart of gold.
  • Donkey: Shrek’s loyal and talkative sidekick, known for his infectious laughter and annoying braying.
  • Fiona: The beautiful and feisty princess who transforms into a fierce warrior when the sun sets.
  • Puss in Boots: The dashing and charming feline with lightning-fast reflexes and a knack for swordplay.
  • Gingy: The lovable Gingerbread Man with a sweet tooth and a surprising ability to fight.
  • Pinocchio: The wooden puppet with a long, stretchy nose and a penchant for getting into trouble.
  • Cookie: The tough and fearless gingerbread cookie who packs a mean punch.
  • Dronkey: A hybrid of Donkey and Dragon, combining the speed of a donkey with the fire-breathing abilities of a dragon.
  • Evil King Harold: Fiona’s scheming father, who transforms into a giant frog when exposed to water.
  • Prince Charming: Fiona’s former fiancĂ©, a self-absorbed and arrogant prince.

Modes and Features

Shrek Super Slam offers a range of modes and features to keep players entertained:

  • Story Mode: Embark on a humorous and action-packed campaign as Shrek and his friends battle their way through various levels, facing off against iconic villains from the Shrek films.
  • Versus Mode: Engage in head-to-head battles against friends or the AI in a variety of arenas.
  • Tournament Mode: Compete in a series of matches to determine the ultimate Shrek Super Slam champion.
  • Challenge Mode: Test your skills in a variety of challenges, such as defeating waves of enemies or surviving against overwhelming odds.
  • Party Mode: Enjoy a chaotic and unpredictable party game mode with up to four players, featuring special rules and wacky power-ups.

Reception and Legacy

Shrek Super Slam received generally positive reviews upon release, with critics praising its fast-paced gameplay, humorous characters, and destructible environments. The game sold over 3 million copies worldwide, becoming a commercial success.

Shrek Super Slam has been fondly remembered by fans of the Shrek franchise and melee fighting games alike. Its unique blend of humor, action, and over-the-top characters continues to entertain and delight players to this day.


Shrek Super Slam is a hilarious and action-packed melee adventure that brings the beloved Shrek universe to life. With its diverse cast of characters, destructible arenas, and wacky gameplay, Shrek Super Slam remains a timeless classic that continues to provide hours of entertainment. So gather your friends, choose your favorite Shrek character, and prepare for a ‘Super Slam’ of fun!

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