SimCity Creator (2008)

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SimCity Creator is a city-building simulation game that allows players to customize their city’s architecture and explore it in 3D. With various themes and the ability to manage urban infrastructure, it offers a creative approach to city planning.


SimCity Creator is a city-building simulation game developed by Electronic Arts for the Wii and Nintendo DS. It follows the classic SimCity formula, allowing players to manage a city and place various zones and facilities to ensure its growth and success.


SimCity Creator, released in 2008, is a city-building video game that is part of the SimCity series by Electronic Arts. The game was developed by Hudson Soft and was made available for the Wii platform.

The game follows the basic SimCity formula where players are tasked with managing a city. This involves placing residential, commercial, and industrial zones for buildings, as well as facilities such as police stations, hospitals, seaports, and stadiums.

One of the unique features of SimCity Creator is the ability to customize the look of the buildings. Players can choose from several themes for their city, including Egyptian, Roman, Japanese, European, Las Vegas, and near-future styles. There are also themes that result in a crystal or confectionery-like appearance to buildings. Each theme comes with its unique soundtrack, adding to the immersive experience.

SimCity Creator also allows players to tour their city, rendered in 3D graphics, in a helicopter or airplane. If the player builds an airport, more touring vehicles can be unlocked.

The game takes advantage of the Wii’s pointer function, allowing players to directly draw roads and train tracks onto the map. Players could also share their cities through WiiConnect24.

SimCity Creator features a day and night cycle, as well as a seasonal cycle, last seen in the SNES version of SimCity. Players may also tackle disasters including dinosaurs, giant robots, tornadoes, aliens, fires, and meteorite impacts.

In SimCity Creator, areas can be zoned by the type of development and the density. There is also a landfill zone available which allows garbage to be stored. Each zone is color-coded: Residential (yellow), Commercial (blue), and Industrial (red).

Transportation is a key aspect of the game. Zones must be connected by lines of transportation. Some of the types of transportation choices for a city include roads, highways, railroads, subways, and streets.

SimCity Creator is a unique addition to the SimCity series, offering players the opportunity to create and manage their city, while also providing them with the ability to customize their city’s appearance and explore it in 3D graphics.


There are no specific characters in the game, as the focus is on city management and building.


The gameplay involves urban planning and management, with players making decisions on zoning, infrastructure, and architectural styles. The 3D exploration feature allows players to view their city from different perspectives, enhancing the gameplay experience.


SimCity Creator offers a unique city-building experience with its emphasis on architectural customization and 3D exploration. While it may not have the depth of other SimCity games, it provides a fun and creative outlet for aspiring urban planners.

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