Space Chimps (2008)

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Space Chimps (2008): A Cosmic Adventure for the Whole Family

Prepare for a wild and wacky adventure through the cosmos with Space Chimps (2008), a charming and entertaining video game based on the popular animated film of the same name. Embark on an intergalactic journey as a team of chimpanzee astronauts, each with their own unique personality and skills.

A Stellar Cast of Characters

  • Ham III: The fearless leader of the chimp astronauts, Ham III is a natural-born explorer with an unyielding determination.
  • Luna: A brilliant scientist and master of gadgets, Luna’s intelligence and resourcefulness are invaluable to the team.
  • Titan: A strong and loyal gorilla, Titan’s brute strength and unwavering loyalty make him a formidable ally.
  • Comet: A mischievous and energetic chimp, Comet’s quick wit and agility often save the day.
  • Zartog: A wise and enigmatic alien, Zartog joins the team as their guide and mentor, providing guidance and wisdom along their journey.

A Thrilling Mission to Save the World

The evil alien, General Gork, has stolen the Earth’s power source, threatening to plunge the planet into darkness. It’s up to the Space Chimps to embark on a perilous mission to retrieve the power source and save the day.

Their journey takes them across a variety of exciting and challenging levels, from the depths of a volcanic planet to the floating islands of a distant galaxy. Along the way, they’ll encounter a cast of colorful characters, both friendly and hostile, and overcome numerous obstacles and puzzles.

Gameplay that’s Out of This World

Space Chimps (2008) is a 3D platformer that combines action, adventure, and puzzle-solving elements. Players control one of the chimp astronauts at a time, switching between them to utilize their unique abilities.

Ham III can use his jetpack to soar through the air, while Luna can deploy gadgets to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. Titan’s strength allows him to smash through walls and defeat enemies, and Comet’s agility lets him navigate narrow passages and reach hidden areas.

The game features a variety of gameplay mechanics, including platforming, combat, puzzle-solving, and even some light racing sequences. The levels are designed with a good balance of challenge and accessibility, making the game enjoyable for players of all ages.

A Visual Feast for the Eyes

Space Chimps (2008) showcases vibrant and colorful graphics that bring the animated film to life. The character models are detailed and expressive, and the environments are lush and imaginative. The game’s art style perfectly captures the humor and charm of the movie.

A Galactic Adventure for the Whole Family

With its engaging story, lovable characters, and accessible gameplay, Space Chimps (2008) is a perfect choice for families looking for a fun and entertaining video game experience. The game’s cooperative multiplayer mode allows up to four players to team up and embark on the adventure together, making it a great way to bond with friends and family.


Whether you’re a fan of the Space Chimps movie or simply looking for a delightful and engaging video game experience, Space Chimps (2008) is sure to deliver. Its charming characters, thrilling mission, and accessible gameplay make it a cosmic adventure that the whole family can enjoy. So grab your spacesuits and prepare for a wild and unforgettable journey through the stars!

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