Sparkster (1994)

by Christopher
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Sparkster is an action-platformer that follows an armored opossum knight on a quest to save his kingdom. Featuring innovative gameplay and a memorable protagonist, it remains a standout title in the retro gaming landscape.


Embark on a thrilling adventure with Sparkster, an action-packed platformer that introduced the gaming world to an armored opossum knight with a penchant for aerial acrobatics and combat.


The kingdom of Eginasem, a land inhabited by opossums, is under attack by the Lioness’s army of yellow dog and wolf soldiers. The enemy forces have also kidnapped Princess Flora. Sparkster, the Rocket Knight, is out to battle this threat, rescue the princess, and save his kingdom from certain destruction. His nemesis, the rival Rocket Knight Axel Gear, is aiding the invading forces, making Sparkster’s task even more dangerous.

Sparkster is armed with a sword that can fire energy bolts and a rocket pack that allows him to fly short distances. The gameplay remains mostly the same as in Mega Drive/Genesis games, with the most notable change being the addition of a short-distance rolling dash. At the end of every level, Sparkster battles a boss, and the level is complete when it is defeated.

The game’s final level depends on the difficulty the player selected. On easy, the game culminates with a battle against Axel Gear, but on normal, the story continues with Sparkster fighting the leader of the Wolves on the next level. On hard difficulty, the game continues beyond that, with the true final stage.

The player’s goal is to battle through all of the enemy warriors and robots, defeat Axel Gear, and infiltrate the enemy’s battleship, where the yellow dogs’ leader, Generalissimo Lioness, is planning to launch a warhead to destroy planet Eginasem.


The game features Sparkster, the heroic opossum knight; Axel Gear, Sparkster’s rival; and the Leader of the Wolves, the main antagonist in higher difficulty settings.


Gameplay revolves around navigating levels filled with enemies, traps, and puzzles. Sparkster’s rocket pack and energy sword are central to gameplay, allowing players to fly, dash, and attack through a variety of challenges.


Sparkster stands as a testament to Konami’s legacy in the 90s platformer genre, offering a memorable and challenging experience that resonates with fans of retro gaming.

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