Spellweaver (2016)

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Spellweaver (2016): A Deep and Strategic TCG That’s Easy to Learn

Spellweaver is a fast-paced fantasy-themed online digital trading card game (TCG) that focuses on strategic depth and variety, while still being easy to learn. It’s a game that’s true to the classics of the genre, while adding in unique features to make the game quick to learn, yet challenging for veteran fans of TCGs.

Spellweaver was created by a self-funded indie team of seasoned game developers with a passion for card games. The team’s goal was to create a TCG that was accessible to new players, but also offered enough depth and strategy to keep experienced players engaged.

The game is set in the world of Aerilon, a realm of magic and adventure. Players take on the role of Planeswalkers, powerful spellcasters who can summon creatures, cast spells, and manipulate the fabric of reality itself.

Spellweaver features a unique card system that allows players to create their own decks from a pool of over 500 cards. Each card has its own unique abilities and synergies, allowing for a wide variety of deckbuilding possibilities.

The game also features a number of innovative gameplay mechanics, such as the “Flux” system. Flux allows players to spend mana to power up their cards, giving them new abilities or effects. This adds an extra layer of strategy to the game, as players must carefully manage their mana resources.

Spellweaver has been praised by critics for its strategic depth, variety, and accessibility. It’s a game that’s easy to learn, but difficult to master. It’s also a game that’s constantly evolving, with new cards and features being added on a regular basis.


Spellweaver is a turn-based card game in which players take turns summoning creatures, casting spells, and attacking their opponent. The goal of the game is to reduce your opponent’s life total to zero.

Each player starts the game with a deck of 30 cards. On their turn, a player can play one card from their hand. Cards can be creatures, spells, or artifacts.

Creatures are units that can attack and defend. Spells are one-time effects that can be used to damage opponents, heal allies, or draw cards. Artifacts are permanent effects that can provide bonuses to your creatures or spells.

When a creature attacks, it deals damage to the defending player or creature. If the defending creature has less health than the attacking creature, it is destroyed.

Players can also use mana to power up their cards. Mana is a resource that is generated each turn. By spending mana, players can give their creatures new abilities or effects, or they can cast more powerful spells.

The game ends when one player’s life total reaches zero.


  • Deep and strategic gameplay: Spellweaver offers a wide variety of cards and gameplay mechanics, allowing for a deep and strategic experience.
  • Easy to learn, difficult to master: Spellweaver is easy to learn, but difficult to master. The game’s simple ruleset makes it accessible to new players, while its strategic depth will keep experienced players engaged.
  • Constant updates: Spellweaver is constantly being updated with new cards and features. This ensures that the game is always fresh and exciting.


Spellweaver is a great choice for fans of TCGs. It’s a game that’s easy to learn, but difficult to master. It’s also a game that’s constantly evolving, with new cards and features being added on a regular basis. If you’re looking for a deep and strategic TCG, then Spellweaver is definitely worth checking out.

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