Star Force (1984)

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Star Force (1984): A Vertical Scrolling Shooter Classic

Star Force is a vertical scrolling shooter arcade game developed and released by Tehkan (later known as Tecmo) in 1984. The player pilots a starship called the Final Star, and must shoot down waves of enemy ships and destroy enemy structures to progress through the game. Star Force was one of the first vertical scrolling shooters, and is considered to be one of the most influential games in the genre.


The player controls the Final Star, which can move up, down, left, and right, and shoot in eight directions. The player’s ship has two levels of weapon power, and can collect power-ups to increase its firepower. The game is divided into stages, each of which is named after a letter of the Greek alphabet. The stages become increasingly difficult as the player progresses, with more and more enemies and obstacles to contend with.

In addition to the main stages, there is also an additional level called “Infinity” (represented by the infinity symbol) which occurs after Omega. The Infinity level is infinitely long, and the player must face increasingly difficult waves of enemies.

Weapons and Power-Ups

The Final Star has two levels of weapon power: normal and charged. The normal shot is a single laser beam, while the charged shot is a more powerful spread shot. The player can collect power-ups to increase the range and power of their shots, as well as to gain temporary invincibility.

Enemies and Bosses

Star Force features a variety of enemies, including small fry ships, larger cruisers, and powerful bosses. Each type of enemy has its own unique attack patterns, and the player must learn how to defeat each one in order to progress.

The bosses in Star Force are particularly challenging, and require the player to use all of their skills and abilities to defeat them. Each boss has its own unique弱点, and the player must experiment to find the best way to defeat each one.


Star Force was a critical and commercial success, and is considered to be one of the most influential vertical scrolling shooters of all time. The game’s simple but addictive gameplay, combined with its challenging difficulty, made it a popular choice for arcade-goers. Star Force has been ported to a variety of home platforms, and has been included in numerous retro game compilations.

Star Force has been praised for its innovative gameplay, its challenging difficulty, and its memorable graphics and sound. The game is still enjoyed by fans of vertical scrolling shooters today, and is considered to be a classic of the genre.


Star Force is a classic vertical scrolling shooter that still holds up today. Its simple but addictive gameplay, combined with its challenging difficulty, make it a must-play for fans of the genre. If you’re looking for a classic arcade experience, then Star Force is definitely worth checking out.

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