Steam Heroes (2010)

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Steam Heroes: A Unique Puzzle Strategy Game

Released in 2010, Steam Heroes is a unique puzzle strategy game that combines Match-3 gameplay with RPG elements. Players take control of three brave adventurers on a quest to stop the diabolical Baron Von Smog and his army of minions from conquering Steam Land.

The game features 12 action-packed stages, each with its own unique challenges. Players must use their skill and cunning to match colors and generate steam to power their heroes’ abilities. Unlike many other Match-3 games, not every match is a good one. Players must think ahead carefully and ensure that their characters use their special combo attacks to defeat the bosses.

Steam Heroes also features a full soundtrack and competitive online multiplayer.


Steam Heroes is played on a 7×7 grid. Players must match three or more tiles of the same color to generate steam of that type. The steam can then be used to power the heroes’ abilities.

Each hero has their own unique abilities. For example, the knight can attack enemies, the archer can heal allies, and the mage can cast spells. Players must use the heroes’ abilities strategically to defeat the enemy minions and bosses.

In addition to the main campaign, Steam Heroes also features a challenge mode and a survival mode. In challenge mode, players must complete a series of increasingly difficult levels. In survival mode, players must defeat as many waves of enemies as possible.


There are three playable characters in Steam Heroes:

  • Sir Reginald is a brave knight who is always ready to charge into battle. His abilities include a sword attack, a shield bash, and a healing spell.
  • Lady Celeste is a skilled archer who can attack enemies from afar. Her abilities include a bow attack, a healing arrow, and a poison arrow.
  • Professor Horatio is a brilliant mage who can cast powerful spells. His abilities include a fireball spell, a ice spell, and a lightning spell.


The story of Steam Heroes takes place in the steampunk world of Steam Land. Baron Von Smog, a ruthless warlord, has kidnapped the queen and is planning to conquer Steam Land.

Three brave adventurers – Sir Reginald, Lady Celeste, and Professor Horatio – set out on a quest to stop Baron Von Smog and rescue the queen. Along the way, they must battle through hordes of enemy minions and defeat powerful bosses.


Steam Heroes received positive reviews from critics. IGN praised the game’s unique gameplay, challenging puzzles, and charming characters. GameSpot said that the game was “a great example of how to combine puzzle and strategy gameplay.”

Steam Heroes was also a commercial success, selling over 1 million copies worldwide.


Steam Heroes is a unique and addictive puzzle strategy game that is sure to please fans of both genres. With its challenging puzzles, charming characters, and beautiful steampunk world, Steam Heroes is a game that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

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