Suikoden (1995)

by Ji-yeong
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Suikoden is a revered RPG that takes players on a captivating journey of rebellion and discovery in a world filled with magic and political intrigue.


Suikoden is a classic RPG that takes players on an epic journey through a world filled with magic, conflict, and a quest for justice against a corrupt empire.


Suikoden, released in 1995, is a role-playing game developed by Konami that takes players on a journey through a richly woven narrative, set in a world filled with magic, political intrigue, and conflict. The story unfolds in the Scarlet Moon Empire, a realm plagued by corruption and treachery, where loyalty and honor are put to the ultimate test.

The game begins with the protagonist, a young officer in the Imperial Guard, whose life takes a dramatic turn following a series of events that reveal the deep-seated corruption within the empire. The player’s character, who can be named by the player, is the son of Teo McDohl, one of the empire’s most respected generals. As the story progresses, the protagonist uncovers the truth about the empire’s ruler, Emperor Barbarossa, and the dark forces that manipulate events from behind the scenes.

The narrative delves into themes of betrayal and loyalty, as the protagonist is forced to question the intentions of those around him, including his own father. The turning point comes when the protagonist acquires the Soul Eater, one of the 27 True Runes that govern the world’s balance. This powerful rune is both a blessing and a curse, attracting friends and foes alike.

As the protagonist gathers allies, he becomes the leader of the Liberation Army, a group of rebels determined to overthrow the corrupt empire. The game introduces a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique backstory and motivations. These characters play a crucial role in the game’s ‘108 Stars of Destiny,’ a concept borrowed from the classic Chinese novel ‘Water Margin.’ Recruiting all 108 characters is a significant challenge and a central aspect of the gameplay.

The journey takes the player through various landscapes, from bustling towns to treacherous dungeons, as they engage in turn-based battles against the empire’s forces and monstrous creatures. The game features a unique combat system that allows players to engage in both small-scale skirmishes and large-scale army battles.

As the Liberation Army gains strength, the protagonist faces moral dilemmas and must make choices that affect the outcome of the story. The game explores the consequences of power, the price of rebellion, and the true meaning of loyalty.

In the end, the protagonist’s quest leads to a confrontation with Emperor Barbarossa and the revelation of the true nature of the Soul Eater rune. The game concludes with the fate of the Scarlet Moon Empire hanging in the balance, leaving a lasting impact on the player with its thought-provoking narrative and memorable characters.

Suikoden’s plot is a testament to the game’s depth and storytelling prowess. It weaves a tale of political intrigue, personal growth, and the struggle for freedom, set in a richly detailed world that captivates the player from beginning to end.


The game features a diverse cast, including the protagonist, the son of a respected general; Teo McDohl, the protagonist’s father; and Emperor Barbarossa, the ruler of the empire. Players can recruit up to 108 characters, each with their own backstory and role in the rebellion.


Suikoden combines turn-based combat with strategic army battles, character recruitment, and a progression system based on the 27 True Runes. The game’s mechanics and story are deeply intertwined, offering a rich and immersive experience.


Suikoden stands as a timeless RPG that captivates players with its intricate plot, memorable characters, and engaging gameplay. Its legacy continues to inspire gamers and developers alike.

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