Suikoden III (2002)

by Ji-yeong
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With its expansive world, complex characters, and strategic gameplay, Suikoden III offers a compelling addition to the Suikoden saga. The game’s unique narrative approach and battle systems provide a deeply engaging experience that continues to resonate with fans.


Suikoden III, released in 2002, marks a significant evolution in the storied Suikoden series, introducing a multifaceted narrative and innovative gameplay mechanics in a beautifully realized 3D world.


“Suikoden III” released in 2002, is a role-playing video game developed and published by Konami for the PlayStation 2. It is the third installment in the Suikoden series and the final game that series creator Yoshitaka Murayama worked on.

The game’s story is set fifteen years after the events of Suikoden II. The plot is explored through the “Trinity Sight System”, which allows events to be seen from three different viewpoints. The three main characters are Hugo, the son of a village chief; Chris Lightfellow, a Knight of the merchant nation of Zexen; and Geddoe, a member of the Harmonian Southern Frontier Defense Force.

The game begins with the Grasslands and Zexen at war. A long-needed truce fails, and a quest is undertaken to find the legendary Flame Champion, who saved the Grasslands in another war years before. The Flame Champion had upheld the independence of the Grasslands against a Harmonian incursion decades ago. The “hero” chosen by the player at the beginning of the game is actually the Flame Champion.

Hugo, Chris, and Geddoe each have their own divisions and politics, and there is no unambiguous “right” side. Unlike other Suikoden games, which generally feature a silent protagonist, the Flame Champion and the other main characters all have personalities and dialog.

The game shares many elements with other role-playing video games. The player controls the current protagonist and travels with them around the world map, advancing the plot by completing tasks and talking with other characters. In towns, they can gather information, sharpen their weaponry, learn new skills, and buy equipment. Wilderness areas generally feature random encounters with monsters.

Aside from the main plot, after a certain point in each main character’s chapters, they may recruit new characters to go to Budehuc castle. Recruiting a character often requires a short sidequest or other mission. Unlike Suikoden II and Suikoden V, Suikoden III has no “time limits” for character recruitment; assuming certain plot decisions are made “correctly,” it is always possible to recruit all 108 Stars of Destiny.

The game ends with the three warriors searching out the legendary Flame Champion and gathering the 108 Stars of Destiny to save the world from a new evil who plans on destroying the world.

Suikoden III is a game that offers a unique perspective on the narrative by allowing the player to experience the story from multiple viewpoints. This, combined with its intricate gameplay mechanics, makes it a standout title in the Suikoden series.


The cast of Suikoden III is vast and diverse, with each of the 108 Stars of Destiny offering unique abilities and contributions to the story. The three protagonists, Hugo, Chris, and Geddoe, serve as the narrative’s pillars, supported by a rich ensemble of allies and adversaries.


Featuring an innovative tripartite narrative structure, Suikoden III invites players to explore its story through the ‘Trinity Sight’ system. Combat incorporates strategic turn-based battles, skirmishes, and duels, with a focus on character skill customization and combo attacks in a 3D setting.


Suikoden III stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of the Suikoden series, offering a rich narrative, strategic gameplay, and a memorable cast. It remains a cherished title among JRPG enthusiasts, celebrated for its storytelling and gameplay depth.

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