Super Lemonade Factory (2012)

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Super Lemonade Factory: A Refreshing Puzzle Adventure

Released in 2012, Super Lemonade Factory is a charming and challenging puzzle game that will appeal to fans of adventure games and platformers alike. Developed by the independent studio Weather Factory, Super Lemonade Factory tells the story of Andre and Liselot, a young couple who inherit a lemonade factory from Andre’s father. However, there’s one condition: they must first journey through the entire factory, a task that is easier said than done.

Andre and Liselot must combine their unique abilities to make it through each room of the factory. Andre is a strong and agile adventurer, while Liselot is a brilliant scientist. Together, they must use their wits and teamwork to overcome obstacles, solve puzzles, and avoid the dangers that lurk within the factory.

Along the way, Andre and Liselot will meet a cast of quirky characters, including the foreman, the chef, a food inspector, and a general who wants the factory to supply drinks to the military. Each character has their own unique personality and motivations, and they will often provide Andre and Liselot with help or hindrance on their journey.

The puzzles in Super Lemonade Factory are clever and varied, and they will require players to use all of their problem-solving skills to complete. Some puzzles are based on physics, while others require players to use their knowledge of chemistry or engineering. There are also a number of platforming challenges, which will test players’ agility and timing.

Super Lemonade Factory is a beautifully crafted game, with charming visuals and a lively soundtrack. The game’s world is full of detail and personality, and it’s clear that a lot of love and care went into its creation.


Super Lemonade Factory is a 2D puzzle-platformer game. Players control Andre and Liselot as they explore the lemonade factory, solve puzzles, and avoid obstacles. Andre can jump, climb, and push objects, while Liselot can use her scientific knowledge to create gadgets and solve puzzles.

The game is divided into a number of levels, each of which is themed around a different part of the factory. The levels are filled with a variety of puzzles, platforming challenges, and enemies. Players must use their wits and teamwork to overcome all of the challenges and reach the end of each level.


  • Andre: A strong and agile adventurer, Andre is always ready for a challenge. He is also a bit of a klutz, and he often needs Liselot’s help to get out of trouble.
  • Liselot: A brilliant scientist, Liselot is always coming up with new gadgets and inventions. She is also a bit of a perfectionist, and she can be frustrated when things don’t go her way.
  • The Foreman: The foreman of the lemonade factory, he is a gruff but fair man. He is always willing to help Andre and Liselot, but he also expects them to work hard.
  • The Chef: The chef of the lemonade factory, he is a master of his craft. He is always experimenting with new recipes, and he is always happy to share his creations with Andre and Liselot.
  • The Food Inspector: The food inspector is a stickler for the rules. He is always checking the factory for violations, and he is not afraid to shut it down if he finds any.
  • The General: The general is a high-ranking military officer. He wants the lemonade factory to supply drinks to the military, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants.


Super Lemonade Factory is set in a post-World War II region that is in political turmoil. The factory is located in a small town, and it is the only source of lemonade in the area. The people of the town rely on the factory for their livelihood, and they are determined to keep it running.


Super Lemonade Factory explores a number of themes, including:

  • The importance of teamwork: Andre and Liselot must work together to overcome the challenges in the factory. They must learn to trust each other and rely on each other’s strengths.
  • The power of science: Liselot’s scientific knowledge is essential to solving many of the puzzles in the factory. Science can be used to create new technologies and solve problems.
  • The importance of community: The people of the town rely on the lemonade factory for their livelihood. They are determined to keep the factory running, and they are willing to help Andre and Liselot in any way they can.


Super Lemonade Factory received positive reviews from critics. The game was praised for its charming visuals, clever puzzles, and heartwarming story. Some critics found the game to be a bit too challenging, but overall, the game was well-received.


Super Lemonade Factory is a unique and charming puzzle-platformer that has left a lasting impression on gamers. The game’s clever puzzles, heartwarming story, and beautiful visuals have made it a favorite among fans of the genre. Super Lemonade Factory is a game that is sure to be enjoyed by gamers of all ages.

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