Syndicate (2012)

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Syndicate (2012) offers an immersive cyberpunk experience, blending intense action with strategic gameplay.


Welcome to the world of Syndicate (2012), where technology and corporate power dictate the fate of humanity.


“Syndicate” is set in the year 2069. The world is no longer governed by politicians, but divided into regions controlled by mega-corporations known as Syndicates. These Syndicates have revolutionized how consumers interact with the digital world. Consumers require a device to access the world’s data and control technology, which they can do in the blink of an eye via neural chip implant.

Players assume control of Miles Kilo, an augmented agent working for EuroCorp in a corrupted, deceitful world in which corporations compete with each other for power. The narrative revolves around Miles Kilo, who must eliminate important personnel from rival corporations. In the process, he discovers the evil, secret practice used by EuroCorp to recruit agents.

Kilo is implanted with a computer chip that allows him to access the dataverse and can use hacking to defeat enemies and solve environmental puzzles. The single-player plot tells the tale of Miles Kilo, a newly prepped agent who rediscovers his mysterious origin, and struggles with questions of why he fights and who he’s fighting for.

Unlike the original series of games, Syndicate is a first-person shooter. Players can run, jump, slide, hide behind covers, and carry two weapons and grenades to defeat enemies and bosses, who each have unique abilities. The game features 19 weapons1, ranging from assault rifles, rocket launchers and machine pistols, to futuristic weapons such as laser rifles, Gauss Guns with bullets that can track enemies automatically, and Riotlance Dark Shooters that can paralyze enemies for a short time. Weapons can be customized and upgraded with 87 attachments and 25 upgrade options.

Syndicate received mixed reviews from critics upon release. Critics praised the gameplay, style, graphics, art direction, artificial intelligence and the co-operative mode, but the game’s story was criticized. The game was a commercial failure for the publisher. Its excessive violence led to the game being banned in Australia and Germany.


Main character: Miles Kilo, an agent for Eurocorp, equipped with the latest DART 6 chip technology.


Combines first-person shooting with strategic hacking elements, allowing players to breach the digital world and manipulate the environment and enemies.


Syndicate (2012) stands as a bold reimagining of the classic series, offering a unique blend of action and strategy set against a cyberpunk backdrop.

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