Tales of Legendia (2005)

by Ji-yeong
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With its engaging ‘X-LiMBS’ combat system, captivating story, and distinct character design, Tales of Legendia (2005) is a celebrated fantasy RPG that enriches the Tales series, offering players an unforgettable adventure.


Tales of Legendia offers a unique blend of exploration, narrative depth, and innovative combat within the richly detailed world of the Tales series. With characters designed by a renowned animator from Kill Bill Vol. One, it stands out for its artistic flair and storytelling.


“Tales of Legendia” is an action role-playing game developed and published by Namco for the PlayStation 2 as the seventh main title in their Tales series. The game was created by a development team known collectively as “Project MelFes”, which was composed of members of Namco’s Tales Studio along with developers from the company’s Tekken and Soulcalibur fighting game series.

The game is set in a fantasy world covered in water, taking place entirely on a gigantic ship that is actually a remnant of an ancient civilization. This ship, known as the Legacy, is a massive, country-sized vessel, a relic of a highly advanced ancient civilization. The population aboard the Legacy is divided into two groups: the Orerines, “the people of the land”, and the Ferines, “the people of the sea”, a race of fair-skinned, light-haired people with the ability to live underwater. The tensions between these two races serve as the backdrop to the game’s plot.

Players assume the role of a young man named Senel, who must rescue his sister from individuals who believe her to be a prophesied savior, while the mysteries of his world begin to unravel before him. A select portion of the population are known as Erens, people born with the ability to use special powers known as Eres, which are divided into two groups: Crystal Eres, which includes casting magic spells, and Iron Eres, which revolves around physical abilities. A fictional language known as Relares appears throughout the game, forming the basis for some location and character names.

“Tales of Legendia” is unique to many Japanese RPGs in that the game actually consists of two quests. The first quest, the Main Quest, is the typical “save the world” quest similar to most games of its genre. After the first quest is completed, credits roll and a song plays, usually signaling the end of the game. However, a second quest begins afterward. This part consists of Character Quests, designed with the purpose of exploring the problems and pasts of all the characters.

The game received mostly mixed reviews upon its release in North America, with critics routinely commending the title’s music while panning its derivative plot and tedious pace. Despite the mixed reviews, “Tales of Legendia” remains a notable entry in the Tales series for its unique setting, character-driven plot, and exploration of the themes of racial tension and prophecy.


Senel Coolidge, the protagonist, is a skilled fighter with a deep connection to his sister. The game features a diverse cast of allies and adversaries, each contributing to the story’s unfolding with their own backgrounds, motivations, and relationships.


Tales of Legendia distinguishes itself with the ‘X-LiMBS’ battle system, enabling dynamic, real-time fights that require strategic thinking and quick reflexes. The game combines traditional RPG exploration with engaging, action-packed battles.


Tales of Legendia remains a noteworthy entry in the Tales series, beloved for its storytelling, visual style, and innovative combat. It captures the essence of fantasy RPGs while offering a distinct experience within the franchise.

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